Thursday, July 22, 2010

This past week Food Lion had avocados for $1 each, so we had tacos. Delicious!
Last week, Ruthie and I were standing in the side yard when we heard a terrifying crash! I actually felt the ground shake! It was a large tree that fell in the woods close to us. The whole event was weird for me. The evening before, our family watched a NOVA dvd called Tsunami, so when I heard the crash, I turned around to yell "Tsunami!"...but Ruthie looked at me and yelled "Tree!" I thought she was crazy...until I realized we aren't close to any water source:-) But it sure sounded like a huge wave breaking. Middle age sure affects the brain!
Lizzie took this picture of her boot so you could get an idea how big this tree was.
This is the stump. I wonder if this tree got hit by lightening at some time. It looks like charring on the outside.
This week at the thrift shop I bought a dvd/cookbook combo called Sushi. Can't wait to watch the dvd. The cookbook has lots of good pictures. Our family enjoys sushi a lot.
For those of you with young scholars, our Dollar Tree store has these six sets of sight words for PreK through 4th grade. Each year has 40 words. I bought them because each set has some of Ruthie's problem words. Ruthie has a tendacy towards dyslexia (reading backwards) but this summer she is finally making great strides. It's been a month or so since she has sounded out a word backwards. PTL!
For the past two years, I've been anxious about this tree that is close to my kitchen window. I could see that the inside was rotten but there always seemed to be some other more important priority. My hubby was dreading taking the tree down because of its close proximity to the house.
So today, our good neighbor, Chip, came over to help. Chip has all the ropes and equipment to do the job. You can barely see him in this picture. He's leaning against the center and getting ready to trim all the branches so they won't catch on the other trees.
I took this pic to show you how close the tree is to the house.
When the tree finally toppled, the house shook.The tree landed right on target. Thank you, Lord! And thank you, Chip!
Then we noticed another tree that was rotten, so that came down too. Lots of firewood for this winter! Right now it is too hot and humid to cut the tree into firewood but at least we are prepared for any hurricanes or wind gusts. What an answer to prayer!

So hopefully that is the end of our tree-lopping. I enjoy our trees.

Our friend, Samantha, came through surgery with flying colors, PTL. Her grandparents are thankful for everyone's prayers, and they're enjoying spoiling her with gifts to craft and eat (Rita's!). Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us that there is a time to every purpose under heaven. Verse 3 says there is a time to heal. So take your time healing, Samantha, and enjoy the blessings of friends and family. As we say here in southern Maryland, "Let us lay some love on you!"

My mom sent me this link to a month of popsicle recipes. I'd like to make the pina colada recipe. Take a look!

Ruthie came in this morning rubbing her eyes and asked, "Is it time to wake up the cowhands?" I love life on this ranch!

Saturday we are expecting the high temp to be 100 degrees. Keep cool wherever you are.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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