Monday, July 12, 2010

Last night was Lizzie's turn to shoot a fox on her first try! Was she ever happy! We thought all our fox troubles were over...but when Maggie went outside to see what the dog was barking at...there was yet another fox!! So tonight Anna will take her turn with that. That had better be the end! I decided to visit our Mennonite friend, Ronald, to see if anyone in his community did taxidermy. No one does, but he gave me directions to a possible taxidermist. We drove back into another world. The road seemed endless. Such beautiful land. I didn't want to take any pictures that would identify their farm, so I just took two on the way. This huge cactus plant is in a cast iron tub that has a pitcher pump attached to it. What a picture!
Maggie and Lizzie made some blueberry scones that were delicious. Didn't take long for them to disappear! She took one to her therapist.
Last week I bought this antique quilt at the thrift shop for $1. You can see why it was so cheap...the stain on the lower left. There was another customer at the thrift shop who told me how to remove the stain. She was older than me and seemed to know what she was talking I tried it.
The stain did come out a lot...but the fabric gave way. I like this quilt for two is handstitched, and it is hand embroidered. Here are the flower blocks of which there are at least 3 of each pattern: two more that I accidently deleted, but you get the idea. So now I am trying to find some worthwhile project for preserving the flower blocks. Pillows? Another quilt? Aprons? Totes? Tablerunners? Have any ideas to add? I have thought about cutting out one block of each flower and framing them in yellow frames to go over my headboard. Let me know what you think.
Allen was excited to find this cocoon outside on the porch. He brought it in and placed in on the windowsill, and the next morning we had a beautiful moth! God's creation is just so beautiful and amazing. Sarah is busy directing the church youth in our annual Patch the Pirate play. This year the play is called I-Land...a play that is no longer produced by Majesty Music. Our family joke is that everything is right on one knows their lines!
Lizzie and Ruthie came with me to take Maggie to her Occupational Therapy appt today. Lizzie loves the therapist's dog, Zeenah. What a sweet dog!
My parents have rented out their Texas house, so Mom's home is full of a bunch of stuff from that home. Mom gave us back our Longhorn plaque...which we love! Thanks, Mom.
I made a batch of Sourdough Peanutbutter Cookies so I could add that to my sourdough blog. So yummy!

Last Friday, my family met some friends in Washington D.C., to visit the Smithsonian museums. My children had a blast! (Ruthie and I stayed home since the warm air triggers Ruthie's respiratory problems ~ the temps were in the 90s.) Ellen treated my family to a 3-D movie about Dinosaurs (at the museum)...and that was the most talked about part of the trip! I had fun listening to everyone's account of the day. I can't believe none of my children took cameras! Thanks, Ellen and Chris for inviting us along.

Mike was sharing with me about how Ellen and Chris saw a movie where the guy had a bucket list of everything he wanted to accomplish before the end of his E&C came up with their own bucket list. Visiting the Smithsonian was on Ellen's list. Now we're all putting together our own bucket lists!

Our family has just learned of the death of Simba and Natalie's niece who was their flower girl. Shelby was 16 years old and all we know is that she was killed in a car accident an hour or so ago. We saw Shelby recently at Abigail's birthday party, and enjoyed watching her taking care of her younger siblings. We're praying for you, Simba and Natalie.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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