Friday, July 23, 2010

I finally found Anna's camera so I could show you these two quilts she made for her friends, Laura and Natalie. This pattern is called Yellow Brick Road and was very popular a few years ago...and lots of fun to make!
Anna pieced the quilt top with her regular sewing machine but used her longarm machine to quilt the entire quilt.
Here's a closeup of the quilting in the pattern called Meandering. I love both quilts! Good job, Anna.
This past Tuesday, 6 of us girls were able to meet at Tearrific, a local Thai restaurant, for dim sum. I'm not sure which was better...the food or the fellowship. Perfect!
Our Dollar Store had a bunch of these unique measuring glasses. I always enjoy trying out new kitchen gadgets...especially for a $ I bought one. I've already used it and like it.
I had fun going through Anna's pictures on her camera. It's almost like reading someone's diary:-) I found these two pictures of Ranger the cat. Maggie said the second picture was taken during a yawn. He sure looks mean!
Our family has another copperhead under our belt. Anna had driven my children to my parents' home for a late night swim, and on the way home, Maggie spotted the snake. Lizzie ran home for a shovel...but Maggie did the actual killing. The snake was so well camouflaged that both Mike and I had no idea what she was pointing to! Our neighbor Chip walked over to see why our car was stopped. Lizzie wrapped the snake and put it in the refrigerator until she can tan the hide this weekend.

Our family was going to go camping this weekend in Bedford County, PA. It's our family's 75th reunion. But the temps are supposed to be between 95-97 degrees, with high humidity. Too hot for our family.

Ruthie is suffering again. My children helped their Grandaddy cook dinner for his church two days ago. Folks there were talking about a virus that was going around. Well, I think we may have it now. Several of my children are hurting. Ruthie is back on nebulizer treatments and mullein. Poor baby.

Keep cool. Most of Maryland is under extreme heat advisory. Our local weatherman says we've had 40 days of 90+ degree weather this summer!

Enjoy your weekend. We are enjoying watching our Roy Rogers films. It's so good to see Roy and the Sons Of The Pioneers again!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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