Monday, July 19, 2010

So busy! I posted these pictures yesterday but didn't get a chance to write. In many ways I am like Johnboy Walton...writing keeps me centered. It also clears my head. Tonight I am determined to write...but I have to tell you, there is a big storm brewing just to our I'll write quickly!

Abigail keeps trying to figure out why Maggie can't pick her up and hold her. She doesn't understand that Maggie's hands are she is always asking Maggie to pick her up. Poor baby. Fortunately Maggie can hold Abigail if we place her on Maggie's lap.

This past weekend, Allen went on a chartered fishing trip. He won the trip at the Youth Sportsmen's Day this past spring. Mike wasn't able to take him, so Allen tagged along with our friend Tom, and his daughter Sarah. The fish (rockfish and perch) was tasty!
I fried up some pomme frites (french potatoes) and tossed a salad to complete the meal. Thanks, Allen! This has been quite a week for Allen. His 22 chickens went to the butcher, so now our freezer is full for the winter! Allen worked hard for his chickens...built two portable henhouses, fed and watered several times a day thanks to record-breaking heat, then moved them around to keep them in the shade. I really appreciate that I never once had to remind him about the chickens. Thanks again, Allen!I forgot to take a picture of the chicken houses. These are the chickens a month ago. Beautiful ladies! And so sweet. I really enjoy them.Since I'm bragging on Allen, let me finish the story. Allen has been doing lots of inspections on our honeybee hives. He got stung but was too busy to put the ice on for a long time. We've learned our lesson now. This picture was taken before his hand got bad. His reaction included a terrible fever and headache that lasted 4 days...and still he tended the chickens and went to Tang Soo Do. He was determined! Next year Allen plans to raise pigs, and help me with raising fish.
As usual, Anna is busy sewing/quilting. She had fun piecing this quilt top along with several others. I'll be sure to get pics.
Anna is also busy helping at VBS this summer. (Vacation Bible School) Our church goes all out for decorations. This was the stage scene this past Sunday. The program is called The Egypt File produced by Answers in Genesis. Sarah takes Abigail, so everyday we enjoy hearing funny stories about the 2-5 year olds.
This past Sunday evening, our family got to enjoy another Snowball fellowship. Since we were given the snowball machine, all we have to do is provide the ice and syrups. It is so much fun...and the church children are very appreciative. I wasn't sure how the sugar and food dye was going to go over, but so far no one has mentioned it.
My job is to stand behind my children with a wet washcloth to mop up any drips. I love it! We left the machine at church so it can be used for VBS. Thank you again for that machine, Lord!
Maggie and Lizzie have been busy making homemade ice cream. Delicious!
They do a great job making nondairy ice cream taste creamy!
The local peaches are in season. I bought a half-peck for $7 from the amish today. Delicious!
And my tomatoes are finally ready to eat.
I found these chili-lime tortilla strips at the bent n dent store this week. They taste wonderful on salads.
This is what the package looks like.
My pattypan squash is very prolific, as usual. I sliced it, spread sourdough starter all over, then sprinkled panko crumbs on top. Then I panfried it in a tiny bit of oil. Now I want to experiment with making it into a casserole, so stand by for that one!
Grandad brought us a big leftover baked ham, and some potatoes with green beans. It is wonderful to have a break from dinner. Thanks, Dad!

This summer is just going by too quickly. I keep looking for signs of a slowdown, but so far there's none in sight. Do I sound like an economist?!

I will be getting up early to pray for a church friend, Samantha. She has surgery tomorrow morning. I know how comforted I am when folks are praying for my Ruthie, so I am glad to be able to pray for dear Samantha.

Hope you are enjoying your summer. Many blessings ~ Kathie


Anonymous said...

What a very busy summer at your house. I love the quilt your daughter is making and what a great bunch of produce from your garden. We had stormy weather here tonight too. We really need the rain.
Thanks for sharing all these great photos.


Here to Serve Him... said...


We are most certainly enjoying our summer although it is flying by all too fast!!! We've purposefully cut alot of things out so that busyness can transform into simplicity! It has been so fruitful and refreshing!!!