Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When our children are babies, it seems like we have to capture each moment on camera. As our children get older, there are some moments that are just as precious to us. For me, seeing my children reading and studying the Bible fills my heart with such joy.

I enjoy watching each child with their different special times. Lizzie always disappears in the late afternoons, and I know she's up in her bedroom reading her Bible. Allen is a night owl and reads before bedtime. Sometimes he reads very late...well after midnight. Last week he came tip toeing into my bedroom around 1 am and was all excited because he had just finished the book of Revelations. Anna reads first thing in the morning before getting out of bed. Ruthie looks forward to reading well enough to have quiet time on her own.

Today Maggie had two appts, one at noon and one at 2 pm. So I took my four youngest children along for a day at the library and driving around. I see the Navy base is warning us about preparing for hurricane season.
We had fun driving around the base and even stopped in to surprised Mike at the school.
The waterfront is just beautiful.
Ruthie and Lizzie walked down to the beach while Maggie, Allen and I watched from the bridge. The tide was out and the water was crystal clear. This was the first time we didn't see anything spectacular in the way of wildlife. For dinner, Maggie, Lizzie and Anna made these delicious shrimp wraps. We had eaten these at the local grocery store but couldn't find a recipe for them.
When I asked the chinese sushi man how he made them, he pointed me to the above rice wraps...but he couldn't speak enough English to explain anything. So today in the library I found the directions in a Vietnamese cookbook.
You place the crunchy rice papers in very hot water until they become pliable. Then you take them out of the water and dab with paper towels to dry them. Fill and eat. We filled ours with shrimp, avocado, cucumber and romaine lettuce. The only thing missing was the delicious sweet and sour sauce that I need to look for next time.
Sorry for the blurry picture but I wanted to show you the custard buns Maggie made for dessert. Yummy! Maggie has eaten these at Tearrific Cafe, a local restaurant. Definitely a keeper recipe!
I wanted you to see the custard on the inside. This is the recipe Maggie used except she omitted the egg and used regular flours and sugars. She also substituted a small box of vanilla pudding mix for the custard powder. (Anyone know where to find custard powder?) These buns are steamed.

Maggie didn't realize the ingredient amounts were in metric. She had to get my electronic scale out! She was exhausted when they were all finished. Next time she makes them she will translate the amounts and write them down.

Tonight we are all weary...and tomorrow is another big day. We will be going to help Grandaddy cook dinner for his church. My brother is ill, so he won't be going. None of the shopping has been done yet, so we will be very tired tomorrow night!

Lam 3:25 The LORD is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh Him.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Anonymous said...

Hi..I love reading your blog..like keeping up with the family LOL..and that "plant buggy"..I would have paid that much..and maybe a couple dollars more...sand blasting it and plants on it...I can picture it now...sitting on the porch or even in the kitchen/living room...anywhere LOLOL...I need something like that for my african violets...sighing heavily...maybe I will find one soon??? God Bless...hugs...Ora in KY