Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dear blogging I've missed you! To say I've been busy is an understatement. More like hectic! But a good hectic. It would probably be easier for me to list what I haven't done. I've been busy weeding, planting, sewing, mending, cleaning, baking, visiting, and teaching. We visited with my inlaws who were up from FL, we celebrated a birthday, we went to a craft show, we fixed a meal for 25 people, we laughed, we talked, we enjoyed being alive.

Right now it is noon, and so far the day has turned out completely different from what I expected. Darling Abigail is sick, so her Mommy came home to comfort her. So that meant Sarah had the day off! Homeschooling came to an abrupt end, and Sarah took Allen, Ruthie, and Maggie to Washington DC to visit the museums. Anna and Lizzie packed their backpacks and headed to the woods for lunch over a campfire. I have already had two showers today thanks to getting a lot of gardening done. I feel so good about that!
I took this picture of Abigail last week. My children had donned their bee outfits for a hive inspection, and I guess Abigail was impressed with their veiled hats. Anyhow, she picked up this hamper and wore it on her head for a good bit of the morning. I have to does have the same look!

Lizzie and Maggie made Anna's request for her birthday cake. My sweet Anna turned 17 last week...I don't know what happened to 16.
Added later: Heather asked what was under the icing (see comments) so I added this picture of the inside. As soon as Maggie comes home, I will find out what recipe she used to make this Poppyseed cake. It was as good as it looks!
This past Sunday we went to Anna and Maggie's voice recital. What a blessing. It was extra special because both sets of grandparents were in town and were able to come.
When my children were born, I asked the Lord to give them the gift of singing. Obviously he has answered my prayer. All six children sing well. Sarah stopped voice lessons a couple months ago because she was too busy. Lizzie is hoping to start this summer. Allen has to wait until his voice changes.
Look what I found at Giant for $6.99! Deliciously sweet.
I also bought 10 ears of corn at Giant...and I'm sad to say that I couldn't tell they weren't local! They were on sale for 10/$5 and worth every cent.
While Grandma and Grandpa were here, we went to Mike's brother's home for dinner and boat rides. Auntie Denise made her famous oven-roasted asparagus. It was very delicious...and whetted our appetite for more. So I bought 4 lbs and made it for dinner this week. Corn on the cob, watermelon, and asparagus...can you tell we're anxious for summer eating?!

While the house is quiet, I'm going to head down to the basement for some dedicated sewing. Ruthie and I will be homebound soon if I don't make us some dresses!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Heather MacQ said...

the cake is beautiful! what's under all that delicious fruit?