Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Finally, after two years, Kathie's Kabin is almost up and running again! For those of you who used to buy my precut quilt kits, you will soon be able to buy them online. Anna has joined me now...and I'm thrilled! I have missed my quilting friends badly. Welcome back! I'll be sure to let you know when we are officially online again...hopefully in a week or so. PTL!

We bought our graphics from a wonderful friend, Cheryl Seslar, from Take a peek at her website. Cheryl made everything so easy. Sarah is busy putting all the graphics into place. So exciting! Anna already has 30+ kits cut out, so we're ready to go!

My lilacs aren't doing well anymore. I need to move them to healthier soil. My mil used to have the best lilac bush in I mention that every spring?!
Today, Lizzie and I went to a part of the county where few men tread.
On the beautiful waterfront of Breton Bay. This is another world down here. Absolutely beautiful...and quiet. Worlds away from town.
What's in Breton Bay? Guitar lessons in the basement of an old stone house. We love Mr. Chip. Once again, we are amazed at the way God leads us to the perfect music teachers for piano, voice, violin, and now guitar. Thank you, God! Lizzie is learning so much.
Right around the corner from lessons is a wonderful farm with many different animals. We like the sheep and goats.

Yesterday and today we've had temps near the tomorrow the weather will break with thunderstorms. I hope to remember to get all my flowerpots secured. For the first time in my life, we are using the air conditioner during this pollen season. I don't want anything to trigger Ruthie. I sure miss the open windows...but not the yellow windowsills.

Hope you are enjoying beautiful weather as well. We have seen lots of deer in the I'm hesitant to plant anything. We'll see. Ticks are also out in full force. Hubby and I enjoyed sitting out on the porch swing tonight. I tried to light some candles for atmosphere but it was too breezy.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Here to Serve Him... said...


Could you send some of those 90 degree temps our way???? It was around 80 yesterday but down in the 40's today...ugh!?!

MaKayla and I are trying to gather up the gumption and courage to start a photo quilt for my niece/her cousin for her high school graduation. Hopefully we'll be able to tackle the project!

Blessings to you~