Sunday, April 18, 2010

Next month will be 5 years ago that Maggie started living in chronic pain. But praise God, she is well on her way to being healed. Each day she can do a little bit more with her hands, each day a little less pain. PTL! Maggie is enjoying doing a few craft things like she used to. She designed this bookmark, then had Anna do the actual sewing. I love it!
But Maggie sewed this luggage tag herself using an empty juice bag. It's so cute! This is the other side of the tag. Maggie did all the cutting and sewing herself.
Today our family watched the half of the first dvd in this 2-disc series. What a wonderful family video! We were all inspired. It's called How to Teach Responsibililty by Michael and Debi Pearl at If you have children, or hope to have children in the future, you need to watch this dvd.

Five of my children and I are allergic to casein which is a dairy protein. It is in all mammals' milk...including humans. Yes, some babies are allergic to their momma's milk. Anyhow, everything I read said that all caseins are the same. If you are allergic to cow's milk, then stay away from all milk.

Then I read a website of a woman who says all milks are not the same. She says the DNA of cow's milk is very different from goat's and sheep's milk. So when we found this goat's milk at Walmart, we decided to try it. Well, we all drank a good bit (half a glass or more) and no one is suffering!! Maggie can hardly wait to go shopping for goat's cheese. I am still very cautious about it. I have felt so healthy taking dairy and eggs out of my diet...but I sure do miss my lasagna and cheesecake. So we'll see. Moderation is the key word...I think.

It's been a wonderful weekend. Ready to face another week, even with our unseasonably cool weather. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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