Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The sewing room is buzzing with all the sewing that is going on! Anna made this wall hanging. She found the pieces at the thrift shop and decided to finish up the project. Looks wonderful! She individually topstitched each block. Sarah, too, made a gift...but I'll have to wait and show you after her friend gets it.
This past week my hubby learned that I had never been to a popular Mexican restaurant in he invited me to lunch! It was wonderful!
I had no idea this restaurant was so big. It's called Monterey Mexican Restaurant. I loved the decor. Allen and Maggie went along for the fun. I got fish tacos and they were delicious. I definitely recommend this place.
Today I met a new friend, Tracey, who came over for cooking lessons. I met Tracey through Sorry this is such a terrible picture. Allen was showing us his new toy...a remote control helicopter that he bought at the thrift store for $2.

I had fun showing Tracey how to make a white sauce (for macaroni and cheese) and how to cook rice. Then I showed her how to roast a rump roast and a chicken, make gravy for each, and finally, make soups from each. It was so much fun...and delicious! Next time we will tackle vegetable dishes, and figure out Tracey's bread machine.

We also took plenty of time for good fellowship. Tracey and I feel the same way about iced tea and mornings...a kindred spirit indeed! Thanks for coming, Tracey.

Hubby flew to Ohio today for work. He just got home and is enjoying our soups. Ruthie is sorting Christmas lights for the tree, and everyone else is watching videos...tired from hauling firewood. Rain is back along with a powerful wind. I am basking in the delight of having stayed in my home all day. All day! Thank you, Lord.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Anonymous said...

I love those chilly rainy days when you can just stay home, get lots done and enjoy being indoors instead of out in the dreary weather!
The quilt is beautiful. I especially love the colors. Sounds like there is a lot going on in your kitchen these days.