Monday, December 21, 2009

I have lived in Maryland for 42 of my 49 years and I have never seen a weather prediction like this! We figure we got about 20" all told. We LOVE snow!!
Iditarod...southern Maryland style with goats. They loved it! As I so often do, I forgot to upload my pictures in reverse. Since there are so many of them, I will just tell my story in reverse. This is the highway on Sunday morning. Church was canceled for the day.
Our family had a lot of fun sledding.
This is our driveway.
And you can't tell by this picture but we have a horseshoe-shaped driveway in the front yard. Of course...we are expecting several packages from UPS this week!
All the animals were given much extra hay. The goats and Henrietta were bedded down in the playhouse.
I love seeing this outside my bedroom window!
We've been busy this week. Mike and Allen built a wall in the basement to divide the long room into a cellar and an office. (Sorry Allen is in his pjs.)
Mike is almost finished painting the wall, so it's coming along nicely. This time tomorrow night it should be finished. Then it's moving in time!
There is the constant hum of sewing machines these days. Lizzie and Anna are always sewing something. Sarah is sewing too...but she took her machine upstairs to her room.
Here they are in their temporary sewing room.
Even Allen got into the act. Actually, he made a nice camouflage organizer with pockets to hang up in his closet.
It looks like a mess in the picture but everything is actually neatly organized.
I wanted to show you the platter that I received as a gift at my friend Bonnie's party (previous post). Bonnie bought this at a Cracker Barrel store and it is lovely! The verse says, "Every good and perfect gift comes from above." It was hard to take this picture without a glare. Thank you, Bonnie...I love it!
Remember earlier this year when Ruthie broke her left wrist?
And then she broke her shoulder and possibly her elbow (dr wasn't sure).
Well, Ruthie went sledding on Sunday morning and broke her right wrist. What a year! All three times Ruthie knew instantly that she'd broken something. What is amazing is that Ruthie hasn't slowed down a bit. Always doing something.

Thank you for all your Christmas cards. I am still hoping to get mine signed and mailed. I am trying to sew Ruthie some much-needed pajamas and dresses. Somehow I keep getting caught up in keeping the fireplace and woodstove going, meals, and enjoying the season. Maggie is showing improvement, so I am enjoying each moment.

Sarah found out this morning that we weren't having a New Year's Eve party unless some cleaning got done, so she became a militant commander and got us all moving. All the vacuuming, bathrooms, dusting, and trash got done while I scrubbed the refrigerator. I love a clean home! Thank you, Sarah for motivating us (her father isn't a retired Naval officer for nothing!).

Enjoy the season. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Anonymous said...

Poor Ruthie - another broken bone. Hope she heals up fast.
What a lot of snow. It sure looks pretty. I doubt we will see any around here and definitely never the amount you all received.
Hope your family has a wonderful Christmas. BTW - What are the girls sewing?