Monday, December 7, 2009

Friday was our big day to have the XYZers from church. XYZ stands for x'tra years of zest. Oh yes...that's these folks! We had 22 folks (5 couldn't make it), so there was plenty of seating. I was so glad my parents and my Uncle Norm made it. Actually, Uncle Norm was surprised to meet a cousin from the group! It's a small world. We made four of everything, one for each table. We had honey baked ham, cranberry fiesta salad (pictured above), scalloped potatoes, and green beans. For dessert we had cheesecake, flan, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, pineapple upside down cake, and cranberry nut bread. I really wanted to make my tiramisu, but this year I had to make fast and easy foods. Hopefully by next year Maggie will be healed and the two of us can whip up a storm.This picture shows the fourth table. I originally thought I could add two more tables, but not so. With the fourth table we were able to seat 35. As it was, we only needed 3 of the added seats.

The XYZers gave us two delicious fruit baskets. We were so surprised! The grapes were the best I've ever tasted. Thanks so much! For our mini concert we had: Anna and Maggie duet, Anna solo, Lizzie and Meemaw piano duet, and Mike, Maggie, Anna, and Lizzie sang "I Shall Not Be Moved." We also put on three skits. Sarah taped the whole thing, so if you'd like a copy of the dvd, let me know. My mother accompanied the girls on their songs and played two piano pieces ~ thanks so much, Mom.
After all the tables had been cleared and stacked on the porch, my children played a hysterical game of musical chairs. It was a fun way to unwind.
On Saturday evening we went to Allen's annual Tang Soo Do banquet...a formal affair. I enjoy this banquet immensely. I love to watch the teamwork that is involved. Everyone comes early to set up the tables and centerpieces, everyone brings the food, then everyone quickly cleans up. The best part is that we have fun doing it together. Tang Soo!

Allen got a beautiful eagle trophy for 100% perfect attendance. I will post a picture of that when his teacher posts the banquet pictures.

On Saturday we also got a heavy dusting of snow. It made for scary driving, but fortunately we all made it home safely. After we were home for half an hour, my mom called and made sure we were safely home...she had been hearing firetrucks and ambulances for the past half hour. So we rode out to the end of our dirt road, and sure enough, our mennonite neighbor was all lit up with firetrucks. So we rode over to another Mennonite's home and let them know.

Added later: There was a chimney fire...but fortunately it wasn't bad. (For my notes: this is in John Wenger's former home...haven't met the new folks yet.)

I saw this cute quilt kit on What a good idea! Look in the lower right hand corner and you will see that the quilt blocks come precut so that a child just has to lace the ribbon through.

I copied this picture from my friend Tracey's blog. Isn't it funny?! Thanks, Tracey.

Well, the tables are returned to church, the tablecloths are on the clothesline, the coffeepots are back in the cellar, and my kitchen is back to normal. It was a fun weekend, but now it's time to get in my van again and start a new week. Three of my children are trying to come down with headcolds, so we are staying home from violin and piano lessons today. Mom took Maggie to a piano teachers workshop, so all she has is one appt this afternoon.

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend as well. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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