Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009 is over and we are feeling very blessed...and sleepy. Yesterday went by slowly which was a blessing.
As we unwrapped gifts, we tossed the paper over the railing onto the steps. It seemed like a good thing to do at the time but it made the stairs treacherous. Today we bagged everything and put it next to the fireplace for burning.

Around 4 pm we went over to Simba and Natalie's home. As expected, Abigail was the star of the show. What a good little girl she is. She let us pick her up and play with her. I even got to feed her! When she was tired for the night, she let Simba know, kissed us all goodnight, and off she went to listen to music in her crib. We had the fun of watching her via video. It didn't take long before she was sound asleep. Such a darling!

My parents gave Abigail this John Deere tractor that she loves. Natalie and Abigail get to visit my brothers on their construction jobs, and Floyd always gives Abigail a ride on the tractor...thereby ensuring him the "favorite uncle" status for life.

The food was delicious. Lots of shrimp and appetizers. The schedule of events was: appetizers, trivia quiz, dinner, fellowship, dessert, gifts, fellowship, and finally time to leave. The trivia quiz was a riot...we barely agreed on any of the answers. The questions were all based on my parents: who and where they dated, birthdates, favorite drinks, etc. I did horribly...but so did my brothers.

The shrimp went quickly. My favorite was the stuffed ham...yummy! Simba made everything dairyfree and eggfree, so it was a real treat for our family.

As usual, their home was beautiful and soothing to my soul. Natalie made these Christmas trees on the mantel. She said Martha Stewart made them on her show. I'd like to try these.
A real Christmas tree.

And Natalie made these for Abigail's bedroom. They hang over her crib.

Isn't this an adorable changing table?! Natalie loves to shop at flea markets, antique stores, and vintage stores. Natalie also stenciled the floor. Simba made this adorable table for Abigail. I love the A,B,C,D legs.
This is Abigail's dresser. She had a fun time showing off her room. I tried to get a pic of the fancy antique chandelier but it wouldn't turn out.

Abigail had fun snuggling all the aunts and uncles. The cameras were kept flashing all night. This is my brother Mike.
And this is the favorite Uncle Floyd. We heard the story of how Abigail came to work one day and Floyd was eating a small bag of chips. He offered a chip to Abigail but she shook her head no and took the bag. Smart girl! Most of the gang. We were just getting ready to hand out gifts.
Natalie loves her flowers...and so do I. I think this is a clever way to keep these daffodils.
And these roses and daisies are from Annapolis. Natalie had them as centerpieces but the children wanted the table for playing games. Outside it rained all afternoon and evening. Inside Simba had to open a window because it was so warm. What weather we have here in Maryland!

Mike got up early this morning and started working on moving into his new office in the basement. Most of our snow is gone but it was nice having a white Christmas. We are trying to clean up the kitchen for company after church tomorrow. Otherwise we are moving slowly and enjoying being home together. We are feeling blessed to be a part of two wonderful families, to live in the best country in the world, and to be children of the King.

My warmest blessings to you ~ Kathie

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