Monday, November 30, 2009

What miserable weather we had today. Cold and rainy. The rain poured at times making it dangerous driving. Glad it's over and I'm in the comfort of my home. Ruthie had her first full violin lesson today after breaking her arm. And yes, as you can see in the picture, Adina will be having a joyful bundle in March. We're so excited!

Allen opened up the beehives yesterday to see if they have enough food, and he got stung! No, he didn't have his protective gear on. Lesson learned.

We had fajitas this weekend...yummy!
We used green and red peppers, and vidalia onion.
Usually we use top round steak, but I found skirt steak on sale at the commissary. That is the meat of choice for Texans, but I prefer the less-fatty top round. I rubbed the spices into the raw meat while the cast iron skillet was preheating in the 400 degree oven.
We used this fajita seasoning that Sarah brought home from Texas. Everyone loved it...but I still prefer to use Paula Deen's recipe for brisket here (but remember to use half the salt).
I broiled the meat for about 5 minutes. Didn't take long. The smells were heavenly!
Sarah sauteed the veggies in another skillet. I broiled the meat.
We didn't have any corn tortillas (which I preferred), so we used regular and whole-grain pita bread. We heated them enough to soften. Usually we add a bunch of freshly chopped cilantro. I can't believe we forgot! This is one of our easiest and most favorite meals.
I have been looking online for a good used creche. I don't know what I'm looking for but I figure I'll know it when I see it. Actually, I would love to find the same nativity set that Mrs. Bonnie bought at JC Penney for church. I'm not in a rush. But while I was looking, I found two adorable native american creches. Look at that cute angel above the doorway of the tipi!
I like the colors of this one...but I like the cactus on the first one.

We are preparing to have the "old folks" from church this Friday for lunch and a mini-concert. We have 26 signed my parents and our family. This time I will set up 5 banquet tables...the most my kitchen will hold.

I've been keeping my eye on the weather because Mr. Al from church wants us to have a fire in the fireplace...regardless of the temps. Last year it was 80 degrees outside, so I am hoping for a cold day. So far it looks like the temps should be in the 50s. That's good. Now we have to find some dry wood!

Enjoy your week. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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SunshinyLiving said...

We love to hear the bee updates! This year for science Chloe (and I) read a fascinating book about honeybee CCD called "Fruitless Fall". We're now "hooked" on bee topics :-)