Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This past Saturday I was invited to a special brunch by my friend Bonnie. What a feast for the soul. Bonnie is a true nurturer and an inspiration. Not only does she have a full-time job as a home daycare provider, but she teaches Sunday School and has a large extended family (5 sons and their families). Bonnie doesn't wait for service opportunities to come to her...she seeks them out. What a role model!
There was nothing that Bonnie didn't think of for this brunch. Every little detail was taken care of. I have to admit, I don't usually go to get-togethers with other women, but when Bonnie invited me, the Lord really prompted me to accept. I am so glad I did. There were twelve women seated in the dining room.
And this year Bonnie had an "overflow" table in another room for the rebels. Actually, I think the rebels had too much fun...all we heard was laughter coming from their room.
I think Bonnie had 5 different Christmas trees set up throughout her home. There were many themes all around.
Of course, where there are women there is good food. I enjoyed Shirley's bowtie and veggies salad. Everything looked so yummy!
Af ter lunch we headed into the family room to exchange gifts. We had a $15 limit but these gifts were incredible! When I commented on the supposed value of the gifts, Bonnie assured me that these women seek out fantastic sales to stay within the limit. Bonnie herself drives to Cracker Barrel on day-after-holidays to take advantage of their giveaways...I mean sales.

After the gift exchange, we came back to the dining room where Bonnie's sister led the craft time.

And what adorable ornaments they made. I knew Bonnie's sister from another church where her son pastored, so it was good to see her too.
Bonnie had this adorable setup in a corner. I always think of my daughter, Anna, when I see this cute statue.
One of the dishes Bonnie had was served in this Triple Slowcooker set. What a nice idea! There was Turkey Noodle Soup, Veggie Soup, and Meatballs. The individual crocks are only 2-1/2 quarts each, but they seemed bigger. Amazon sells this for $89 or a Duo set for $69.

Thanks again Bonnie for inviting this loner. I sure had a wonderful time.
Lizzie made these wonderful little h'or doeuvres last week. Crackers with smoked turkey, tomatoes, cilantro and zesty italian dressing. Yummy!

While I was at Bonnie's home, my children were home tramping through the woods. They've found a new area in the stream where it spreads out. We're hoping it freezes this winter for ice skating. Unfortunately they also learned about swampy areas...they came home squishing water out of their boots...and the temps were in the 40s!

We are going to Waldorf tonight to do our final shopping. We are going to take advantage of the late hours in hopes of avoiding the crowds.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Deb said...

Oooh, Kathie, I bet you had a wonderful time...I would love to have been sitting right beside you enjoying all the festive decorations and fellowship and food, too!
Your friend really made it special for everyone invited. I hope you got your shopping done...I'm almost finished.