Sunday, October 4, 2009

This past Saturday we went to the Jefferson Patterson Park in Calvert County for a two-hour presentation called Native Shelters. We learned how to build an igloo (using styrofoam bricks), build a bark longhouse (in the background of the above picture) and build a teepee (tipi). It was fun. Only two families showed up, so it was very hands-on.
I tried to get a picture of the bark pieces that had been soaked and flattened. I wanted you to see how large the bark was. We will be going back to the park on October 17th for the American Indian Festival that we enjoyed so much last year. If you can, put this event on your calendar. The cost is $3/person or $10/car...very reasonable. There are many hands-on activities for your children. The best part is that the weather should be a lot cooler than last year's August event.

Another event to mark on your calendar is Patuxent River Appreciation Days, known locally as PRAD days. The dates are October 9-11. The Calvert Marine Museum will be open to the public for free. This is always a wonderful time to enjoy the many exhibits and activities.
This past week I bought this heavy (17#) king-size duvet at the thrift shop for $2. It had a rip in it...probably why it was so cheap. So I had fun cutting all the seams off and now I have 6 piles of denim for my quilt squares.
I figured this much denim would cost me $30 to buy at Joanns Fabrics! My stash of denim is growing nicely. All I need is time to cut and sew. Someday!
Ruthie is having a good time on my treadle machine. I'm not sure why she bothers with a sling. She abandoned the ace bandage "wrap" earlier in the week. Oh well. It isn't until I see her pictures that I realize the effect Ruthie's steroids had on her. Her face still looks puffy.
This should probably be "What do country children with no TV do for fun ~ Part 3"! Lizzie is skinning a copperhead. After months of searching, we finally found one on our road. I was able to neatly run over its head...keeping the body intact. I was very nervous watching Lizzie skin it since it is impossible to tell if the snake is pregnant until the babies pop out. Yikes! I guess that's what James Dobson means when he says parenting isn't for cowards!

Mike got lots of car maintenance done this weekend, plus he redid the brakes on my van. Runs like a dream now.

I still haven't bought a sewing machine. I was sick of shopping after my one trip. I HATE to shop. I would make a great military gal...just issue me whatever I need!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend also. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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