Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Recently I was reading through a copy of my No Greater Joy magazine where Michael Pearl talks about making paintbrushes out of fox squirrel tails. I knew in an instant that I'd like to try that...someday. So I went on a google search and learned there is not much info about this subject.
I did find one really good website though, with 9 simple steps and good pictures. Most websites talk about purchasing horsehair at a craft store to make your own brushes, but this article gives the advantages of many different natural bristles ~ weasel, boar (strongest non-manmade), pony, squirrel, and goat.

I am not an artist or painter, but I think it would be fun experimenting with different hairs.

When Maggie and I eat at our favorite Kodori Japanese restaurant (on the way to Walter Reed), we enjoy drinking this Nestea Red Tea ~ pomegranate and passion fruit. We have looked for it everywhere but so far it is hard to find. But if you ever get the chance to try is delicious!
While doing some research for an upcoming post, I found these two pictures of recycling ideas. These are cd cases made into a lamp.
And guess what this trendy chair is made of?! This would be a handy chair to have if you need a conversation piece. I wonder if it's even comfy?

I let everyone sleep in this morning since we have a big day ahead of for my Dad's church, then a mini-concert. Sarah will be up at the airport picking up Mike and Glen.

Beautiful weather is here again. Yesterday I woke up to 40 degrees but this morning the thermometer read 55. Yippee! Allen turned the pellet stove on last night but had to turn it off after an hour. We were roasting!

Enjoy your day. Go outside and soak up some Vitamin D. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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