Sunday, October 25, 2009

This past Saturday, Lizzie played the violin and harpsichord in a "Going Baroque" recital at Christ Church in LaPlata, Md. It was wonderful. This church is steeped in history. Its congregation dates back to 1683! The church building was originally located in Port Tobacco, Maryland. It was later moved in the early 1900s to LaPlata. It is beautiful...and with excellent accoustics.
I was so enjoying myself that I forgot to take pictures of Lizzie! But Mike recorded both her pieces on his camcorder, so I will have to download a few frames. The recital had two pieces played on this real pipe organ. There is nothing like an organ with real pipes...and this organ has more than 700 pipes. We also heard from 6 flutists. Saturday was very windy and rainy, but the Lord blessed us with drizzly rain while we were going in and out of the church.
Everyone seemed to enjoy the harpsichord...especially the younger students. I hope this becomes an annual recital.
Lizzie had my camera out in our yard today and captured some fall pictures.
I just love this time of year. This is our driveway. This past Friday we went driving around the Mennonite community. This sign is a mile in the woods on a lone dirt road that allows the horse and buggy folks a major shortcut. We took the road because we wanted to stop and show Mike the wonderful leather shop.
Of course, we had to stop and enjoy the cows.
This old order Mennonite farm has llamas. Evidently they make good watchdogs and will protect the young calves from foxes and coyotes. Yes, coyotes! We have seen one in our neighborhood, too. The folks in western Maryland re-introduced the coyotes to help keep the deer population under control. As expected, some of the coyotes are finding their way to southern Maryland. Every 10 years or so we even get a black bear coming down the Patuxent River on a log!
I got out and fed this beauty my apple core. He loved it. We stopped at this Mennonite farm to get some winesap apples. They are delicious.
Ruthie bought a gourd like this one so she can dress it as a goose. We also bought two pumpkins and some delicious cabbage and green beans.

Mike is in New York today for a funeral of a college friend, Shauna. She was married to one of Mike's fraternity brothers. Shauna has been fighting cancer for 10 years. What a courageous spirit she had. So our hearts and thoughts are with her hubby and three adult children.

The time is flying by so fast. I don't know what happened to October. We have done some projects around here, so I'll take some pics and catch you up to date this week. Enjoy the colors. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Anonymous said...

That harpsichord is beautiful. Glad the recital went well. It looks like your family is keeping very busy this fall.