Monday, October 19, 2009

Allen's first squirrel!

Last Friday while Maggie and I were up at Walter Reed, our Pastor took Allen squirrel hunting. Boy did that make his day! Better yet...Allen shot one! Pastor did the skinning. I did the cooking. Allen did the beaming. Pastor also sent this picture to all our family cellphones. Thanks so much, Pastor!
Two peas in a pod. Hunters and fishermen, I'm sure neither eats quiche.
I read a lot about cooking squirrels. I wanted to fry Allen's, but everything I read said to fry only young squirrels. Since we didn't know the age of our squirrel, I made squirrel stew. Tasted okay...but not worth the effort. So I told Allen to go shoot 2 more squirrels and we'll fry them. Then we'll try rabbits.
Pastor's wife, Debie, was saying that Allen sure is "all boy" for having 5 sisters. We agree, but we also enjoy the softer side of Allen. He couldn't endure the cat's meowing while Anna was in Texas the past two weeks. He would put on his "cat sweatshirt" and snuggle her every night.
Aren't they cute?!
Grandma's visit was fun but short. We roasted one of Allen's chickens for dinner one night, and the second night we had spiral sliced honey ham. Yummy!

The next morning Allen made one of his favorite breakfasts...this salad. Took a lot of chopping but he was sure pleased with the end result!

We had play practice at church all afternoon, then stayed last night until 10:30 pm playing extreme soccer. This morning we woke up to the goats wandering about the yard. I don't know yet if someone forgot to lock the gate...or if the goats jumped the fence. It's okay by me...they are staying next to the house trimming all the weeds.

Mike is working hard in Florida and enjoying the family time. Maggie only has five appointments this week, so I'm looking forward to unwinding. Our home looks like a bomb was dropped on it. All the Texas stuff is scattered about, all the bags of gym clothes along the wall, etc. This is probably when someone shows up to visit. Yikes!

Pastor preached about Jonah yesterday. Great sermon, as usual. The point of the sermon is that God has a plan for all our lives. Maybe not as magnificent as Jonah's, but significant all the same.

Enjoy the new week. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Anonymous said...

Chicken sounds good but I would have to pass on squirrel. :) My youngest son thought it looked great. Different tastes.