Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Last week when it was warm, we went to a thrift shop that is located in a log cabin. Since I love almost everything about log cabins, we went in. I have passed this thrift shop probably a hundred times over the past 20 years, but this was the first time I ever thought to stop in.
The thrift shop is on the same property as the Episcopal church. Everything seems steeped in history here.
Isn't this a nice graveyard. We were rushed for time but I would have enjoyed looking at the tombstones.
There is a daycare in back of the log cabin. Can you tell by now that I uploaded my pictures in reverse?!
And finally, a terrible picture of the thrift shop! I didn't realize until now that I never got a pic of the front. Inside were lots of good deals. Everything was reasonably priced. The only thing we bought was a western outfit for Ruthie's doll. It was fun, but I doubt I'd ever have reason to return.
Somewhere on the church property is a social hall that you can rent. I like the woodsy feel.
Last Wednesday, Pastor asked Mike to teach his Sunday School class on Sunday. Mike readily agreed. Mike's spiritual gift is teaching, and he loves it. However, the week was very busy, and before we knew it, it was Saturday afternoon. So he decided to show this DVD from Vision Forum called The Culture Wars. The speaker for this DVD is Voddie Bauchum (pronounced Vodie Bockum). Our family has now watched this DVD 3 times, and it only gets better!

We were unprepared for the interest this DVD would generate. We offered to lend ours out, but folks said they wanted their own...and more. PTL! Voddie has many books, cds, and dvds that are outstanding...and convicting.

Grandma and Grandpa, as well as Uncle Glen, came over for dinner last night. We served one of Allen's homegrown, free range, chickens. He was so proud!

Tonight they will be coming over again, as well as Glen's whole family (they were out of town last night), so we are busy making apple dump cake, ham, roast potatoes, sourdough dinner rolls, festive cranberry salad...and homemade coleslaw from Chick Fil A. *smile*

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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