Saturday, January 17, 2009

What a fun time we had today. It took us 20 minutes to get to The Vintage Source. The last three miles are very scenic countryside. Our family enjoyed seeing the open land and different homes.
I tried to take a picture to give you an idea how wonderful this store is. It is bigger than I thought it would be. I was surprised when I saw this picture at home because there were many people in the store.
There were five dressers that I liked, but none of them really made my heart sing, so we came home with nothing. That's okay...I always enjoy the thrill of the hunt, and my hunt has only just begun. This cute little dresser was one of a pair, but too short. I would knock over my lamp.
This dresser was a little clunky looking.
This one too square or plain. I would definitely have to replace the knobs.
I really liked this one, but I'd have to take off the mirror, and that would end up destroying the top. Oh well. I am looking forward to going back next month.

I am back to using dial-up internet until Jan 23rd. We used up our allotment for the broadband. How did I ever run an internet business using dial-up?! This is painful!

We just received word that the missions team that our church sent to Ecuador, has made all their connecting flights for coming home tonight. What a praise. They had some issues they were concerned about.

I want to say many heartfelt thanks for those of you who prayed for Maggie on Friday. We got the perfect answer to our prayers. Maggie's painful test was canceled. The doctor realized it was unnecessary since she has taken this test three times already, and all three results were normal. PTL

You should have come to our home for BLTs today! I made some of my best sourdough bread ever! I tried a new recipe from Actually, I've seen this recipe several places, but I wanted to be able to direct you to a copy so I wouldn't have to type it out. It was so yummy that tonight I made four more loaves. Click here for the recipe. This is a perfect sandwich holes like typical sourdough.

Today we decided that we'd eaten too much sourdough bread, so I came up with my own little joke: Now we know why the French call bread "pain"!

I also made a batch of sourdough blonde brownies. I got the recipe from an old cookbook. If you want the recipe, email me.

As I write, my robo vacuum is cleaning my kitchen floor. What a wonderful life! Both yesterday and today we have woken up to 8 degree temperatures outside. That's really cold for us!

This afternoon our family watched a Disney movie called Johnny Tremain. We enjoyed it. Several times we stopped and took the time to teach our children historical facts. What a winner movie. To learn more about this movie (or any movie or actor) click here for This movie is best seen in front of a toasty pellet stove! (If any of you local folks would like to borrow this from us, let me know...the dvd, not the pellet stove.)

I hope everyone had as nice a day as we did. We are preparing our hearts today for the sermon tomorrow. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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