Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday was a wonderful day for our family. We heard two good sermons that spoke to our hearts. Our pastor is in Ecuador on a missions trip with 20 other church members. You wouldn't know anyone was absent the way our church was packed this morning! It warmed my heart to see so many folks on such a cold day.

I was also blessed by all the folks who encouraged me to start posting on my blog again. December was a painfully busy month for me. Even though I enjoy writing, especially on my blog, once I get overwhelmed I tend to get mixed up in my priorities. So thank you for your encouragement even though I realize my post yesterday was hard to follow. Too much to catch up on.

Just a note to my eBay customers: Anna and I are trying hard to start selling our quilt kits again. Since eBay fees have risen so high, my daughters are going to fix my old website. We are also considering selling one kit at a time here on my blog, since so many of you have asked. If so, I will email everyone who has written to me. Thank you for your continued support.

This Christmas I gave our family a complete set of Daniel Boone DVDs from the 1960s TV series. I bought our set of 6 seasons from CBD for $99 and free shipping. It usually retails for $248! I see that now they are selling only 5 seasons for $79...still a great deal.

I wasn't sure how my family would like this gift since some of the movies I enjoyed as a child now seem boring, even to my children. But they love this series! The best part is that the KJV Bible is quoted many times. And you don't have to worry about ANY profanity (not even Christian profanity as in darn it or golly), nor are there any modesty issues. I just love all the biblical principles that are taught.

My children have read a lot about Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett, so sometimes they will be annoyed when they are watching this series since the series is only loosely based on Daniel Boone's real life. That's okay by me. I enjoy the log cabins, fishing, hunting, long dresses, cooking on open fires, etc.

The other day I scared myself because I was driving home and saw a perfectly formed raccoon dead on the road, and I even considered bringing it home to make a coonskin hat. Since I wasn't going straight home, I ditched that idea. When I told my children, they thought I was crazy!...yes, my children who skinned and ate a copperhead last summer! They're the crazy ones!

Mike and I have been enjoying reading a website called 1 Sale a Day. Everyday this website has one item for sale from midnight to midnight. These items are deeply discounted. We bought a set of two cordless phones for $19 that retailed for $199. We are very pleased with them. Sometimes the items are free and you only pay shipping (usually $4.99). Today's item is a watch for $39.99 that retails for $359.99. That is a typical discount.

This website also has a joke of the day, history of the day, etc., so it is a fun website to glance at everyday.

Here is my latest update on Maggie. The accupuncture is working most of the time. When it works, she has really good days (but never totally painfree). But when she has bad days, they are really bad.

Tomorrow (Monday) Maggie goes to Johns Hopkins for a spinal block test. Her JH doctor thinks 2-3 of these sessions should cure her or at least put her on the path to being cured. Her appt is at 2 pm for those of you who are committed to praying for her.

On Friday, she goes to Walter Reed Army Hospital for accupuncture at 8:30. Then at 1 pm she has a very painful test done (for the third time) to test the nerves in her arms. I am fearful for this test because it has left her in debilitating pain in the past. How I wish I could endure this test for her.

Overall, we are definitely seeing our old Maggie more and more. It's been a while since she's laid in bed all day with icepacks while staring at the wall.

As I've said before, this is all part of God's plan for Maggie's life. Not one we would have chosen, but the one God has chosen. But we fully trust Him that this is His perfect plan for her life.

This morning in church, Pastor Fink brought a thought-provoking sermon on God's Grace. He reminded us that Grace stands for God's Riches At Christ's Expense. Pastor Fink used the Book of Psalms to teach us about David, a man after God's own heart, who sinned, then paid dearly for his sin the rest of his life. Even though our sins are forgiven, the effects of our sin can last forever, and are carried to our children.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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