Thursday, January 15, 2009

He did it! Mike finally got the pellet stove going tonight. Within minutes, the temperature upstairs went from okay to toasty. Thanks so much, Honey! We bought this secondhand pellet stove for $500 last year. We have a ton (literally) of pellets in the garage. Every 72 hours we have to pour a 40 lb. bag of pellets into the stove. The nice part is that the flame makes the upstairs family room look so cozy. I will show you a picture of the entire room when we finish installing the hardwood floor.
This weekend our family is going to a local store called The Vintage Source, located in Compton, Maryland (just past Leonardtown). This store is only open one weekend a month, and this weekend is the weekend! My sister in law, Natalie, has a homeful of lovely furniture from this store. I will be looking for two antique/vintage dressers to go with my white iron bed. They don't have to match. I have just two requirements: must have 3 drawers, and must be vintage looking, preferably shabby chic style. I don't know where I got the above picture, but I've had it on my desktop for awhile. I'm looking for dressers like this one. Doesn't have to be white...I'm willing to paint it.

Our family is going this Saturday. If you'd like to drive over with us, we are leaving around noon. If you'd like to eat BLTs with us, come at 11 am. Tomorrow I will be making a few loaves of sourdough bread, so there should be plenty. So join us for a few fun hours of antiquing!

Maggie will be having her painful test tomorrow at 1 pm. Our family will be home praying at that time.

I am still writing Thank you notes and emails, and trying to catch up on all my correspondence. This weekend's priority is to build up our woodpile. We're getting low...and our log splitter and chain saw are both not working properly. So it will be doubly fun to take a break and go furniture shopping.

I'll be sure and let you know if I found any good deals. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Deb said...

Wish I could take you up on the offer to meet and antique together! Definitely sounds like fun.

My sister has a white iron bed, and she wanted the marble top dresser, nightstand, and washstand (that was our aunt's) to go with the bed. She hasn't gotten it fixed up yet, but I'm sure it will look great.

I have a black iron bed, and I've been trying to lighten that room up in color. A few years ago I found an antique dresser at a yard sale to go with it, and it looks fairly ok. A new mustard comforter has helped.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend shopping. And I will remember at 1 pm today to pray for Maggie.