Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mike

Dear Hubby turned 56 this week and we had a fun time celebrating his birthday. I went through one of our photo albums and found some early pictures. I guess I'll choose a different album each year. Mike is the oldest of four children, three boys and a girl. Mike was born in England since his Daddy was in the United States Air Force. He came to the U.S. when he was 6 months old.
Mike's Mom sent me this hilarious letter that Mike and Dwight wrote when they were six and four. It says, "I know you Don't Love us. By the way you act and by the way treat Glenn. Bcasue by the way you treated Glenn this afternoon when we were playing parcheesi, you didn't punish him, you just let him get away with it. When we do something bad you send us to our rooms or something. Love from Michael and Dwight." (Spelling by Mike.)

Since what goes around comes around, I'll let you know that Mike has gotten a few of these letters himself now that he's a Daddy.

The girls made Mike his favorite cake, carrot cake. We all gave Mike just what he wanted for his birthday, folding sawhorses. Bor-ing!

Last night Mike and I went to the home of his officemate. He and his wife just lost their baby, 36 weeks, in utero. How sad. The cause is unknown. It is times like these that I remember that God has only lent us our children for a time. It is God who gives us our children.

Hope you are keeping warm in this cold weather. Mike installed our upstairs pellet stove tonight. We have to wait 24 hours for the seals to set. This time tomorrow night it should be toasty. Hurray!

Enjoy your week. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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taralynn819 said...

I can't believe how much your son looks like your husband in that one picture!

Cold? My family back home has been trying to deal with -30 degree temps over the last couple days! I think I've turned into a wimp living down here, but maybe if I put on gloves, hat, and scarf - like I used to - it wouldn't seem so bad. But I'm LOVING winter and don't want it to leave, so I'm not complaining in the least!