Thursday, November 13, 2008

All week I have been unable to download pictures onto my blog. I don't know why. But now that hubby is home, I have no problems! Oh well. This is Grandma, Grandpa and Glen (not in that order) at a rest stop. They drove straight through to FL, but stopped every two hours so Grandpa could walk a 1/4 mile to keep the circulation going in his legs.
The next morning they got right to work. Here's Mike cutting/pruning. He said they did a lot of work everyday.
Mike's brother, Dwight, showed up on Tuesday. He drove down from his home in Ocala, FL. He brought his chain saw.
This is the tree that had to come down.
I'm impressed! Just wish Grandma could have this brush hauled to my burnpile. Grandma sure loves her boys. They're good boys, too! Mike is an instructor at the navy's Test Pilot School, Dwight is a surgeon, and Glenn is a software analyst. They have a sister, Donna, who lives in Phoenix, AZ.
Mike enjoyed Grandma's meals. Lots of salads and seafood.
He also like Grandma's grilled sweet potatoes. She sliced them really thin and sprinkled them with this Everglades seasoning:
Mike liked it so much he brought home a bottle. I know why he liked it....look at the seasonings: salt, spices, MSG, garlic, onion, sugar and papain. I didn't realize companies are still using MSG. Thought we knew better. is delicious.
While I was at the Everglades Seasonings website, I found this Cactus Dust that I think would be tasty, but I don't want to add the MSG to my diet. Of course, I can't do a FL post without showing you a FL alligator! On the last day, Grandpa took the boys golfing. This alligator was in the golf course pond. The boys took turns petting it, *smile*.

So Mike is home. He suffered through the same headcold that we have been suffering through. When I went to pick Mike and Glen at the airport, it was raining, and stop and go traffic for much of the way. Somewhere south of Glen Burnie, I wasn't aware that I was going through an intersection, and I ran a red light. There were so many lights everywhere from trucks and buildings, and the rain magnified everything. But when I saw the huge camera flash, I looked up and saw the red light. Oh well. My first time in 31 years of driving. I'm just thankful I didn't hurt anyone.

Mike and the twins are off to hunt since today is Youth Hunting Day. The ground is wet from a rainy week and the wind is blowing hard.

Have a restful weekend. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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