Friday, November 7, 2008

Imagine my panic when I saw this hurricane show up on the map! It looks like it's headed straight for my beloved Padre Island (Texas). So I checked the 5-day Estimated Path chart:
Hurricane Paloma is expected to head straight to sea. Yippee! To think it is November!
Yesterday Maggie had two appointments in town that were close enough that we had to stay in town. But they were far enough apart that we had some time for window shopping. We had wondered what happened to the quaint little shop in Lexington Park where Sarah used to buy Beanie Babies for her friends.

The Beanie Baby shop is gone, but in its place is this new shop called The Dragonflies that sells "fine and unique gifts." Yes, they are unique...but wonderfully different.

The shop is located across from base on 235 (between the 1st and 2nd gates). So the next time you are in town, be sure to leave some time to enjoy this shop.

I got permission to take some pictures but boy are they awful. Hopefully you can get a sense of what the objects are. This is a glass bowl that looks like it is made by layering strips of colored glass. It has a nice texture to it. I wish I had taken a picture of the artist so I could give credit.
There was this unique pitcher with small glasses hanging off it. I had to get up my nerve to ask what it was. The woman in the shop explained that it is a pitcher (think carafe), and the small glasses are for sipping wine. I don't drink wine, but I thought it was a unique idea. I know my Ruthie would love to fill it with herbal tea and sip that!
There were many wood items (jewelry boxes, spoons, etc) that are handmade by a local woodworker named Leon Russell. He is located in Callaway. The spoons were sanded to an unbelievable smoothness. The prices were reasonable as far as specialty shops go. The woman in the shop was very friendly and informative. Thanks so much! (FYI, this is NOT the store to take your young children who haven't been trained not to touch.)
I took this picture of our local gas station (Wawa) at $2.39, but when we came home it was already $2.35. Dad paid just over $2 in Virginia but saw a $1.89. Wish our stocks were doing as well:-) Yesterday I had a small catastrophe. See my hubby vacuuming the refrigerator? You won't believe what I did.
I went to put away my sourdough crock and my little pinky finger got a twitch and caused me to drop the crock onto the bottom shelf that is made of tempered glass. Well, it hit in the right way because the shelf smashed into smithereens and ended up in the veggie drawer underneath. Can you believe?!
I think it must have been obvious that I was tired and weary and close to tears because Mike took over right away while I washed my groceries. The sourdough starter had gotten on everything on the shelf and in the drawer. Fortunately I barely had any food in the reefer. Sarah immediately grabbed the camera because she liked my cucumbers drying on the rack. Oh well.
So if you ever wonder if those shelves can bust...yes they can. BTW, I've never had my finger twitch like that before!

Enjoy your weekend. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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