Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This weekend we had a wonderful visit from Grandma and Grandpa who drove up from FL. Grandma brought a huge box of fabrics, patterns, etc. Lizzie found this cheater fabric and quickly turned it into a cute quilt. She tied it with black floss, and sewed the binding on the edges. (Lizzie looks so much like her Aunt Donna, Mike's sister, in this picture.)
Grandma spent hours playing games with the children. What a champ!
Grandpa felt right at home doing crossword puzzles, a hobby we share.
I recently found these pictures of my twins playing dressup at our friends' home in FL. My children still talk about the wonderful dressup clothes Maureen has.
Even Anna got in on the fun!
Mike and his brother, Glenn, drove their parents back down to FL and will stay there until Friday evening. Their other brother, Dwight, will join them tomorrow. Grandma has a long list of things for them to do this week. Today they cut trees, fixed a screen, etc. They had scallops for dinner...nice reward!

Mike said he'll email some pictures tomorrow, so I'll post a few here. I betcha there are gonna be some pictures of those boys playing on Grandpa's boat!
We spent the evening loafing around the toasty fire. We brought down the VCR and watched videos. Normally we would sit around playing our ukes, but we are all suffering from a headcold. Again!

See the huge log in the fireplace? I call that an "all day log." I love those kind! That way I only have to feed little logs on either side. Sure keeps our home toasty.

Hope you are all keeping warm as well. I know hubby is in 82 degree temps in FL. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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