Monday, November 17, 2008

Hubby made it home safely from FL, but the next day he and Maggie went to the clinic and came home with antibiotics. Mike has a touch of pneumonia, and Maggie has had a terrible sore throat for a week.

We decided we would show our love to our church family by staying home from church on Sunday. We really needed the rest and recuperation. Today I took Anna to the clinic because of her weeklong sore throat, so now she, too, is on antibiotics. So don't come near us!

Actually, the rest of us are doing well today. Mike and Allen went and got a trailer of free firewood, so bring on the snow!
Last week I got my November 15/22 issue of World Magazine in the mail. I had to read and reread this quote from Tom Moran, a Democratic Congressman. I couldn't believe this man is for real! This quote comes from his campaign speech in which he criticized the GOPs "antipathy to the means of redistributing the wealth." Incredible and socialist. This week I also got my Winter issue of Creative Ideas for Home and Garden. This is a complimentary magazine from Lowes Home Center. I always enjoy these magazines. The projects are usually priced reasonably, and relatively easy to do. I think this Snowflake Wreath looks nice, especially since you can keep it all winter.
I especially like the step by step pictures. See the candle centerpiece?
The pictures make this project look so simple. I would prefer to make this using an antique red. I saw lots of nicely-colored candles and votives in the Dollar Store today, so this project has real possibilities for Christmas gifts.
I'm not crazy about this idea with the individual cheese boards, but I noticed that this is becoming a trend. I've also seen individual boards that have been soaked in water, then grilled with fish or chicken. Yes, the board went right on the grill!
One last sample to show you. The editors in this magazine are famous for taking everyday items and using them completely different as decorations. I also like that there is a cost estimate listed. If you don't get this magazine, go to Lowes (or online) and ask about getting on the mailing list. Then be sure to check on eBay for Lowes Coupons (or some other website). Have fun!

I hope you are enjoying your preparations for the holiday season. Let me know what ideas you have for inexpensive or homemade gifts. My children are practicing their Christmas music, so we're already in the spirit! And today we saw our first Christmas decorations, other than the stores. In our family, we regularly talk about the true reason for the season, the birth of Christ, so it's not hard for us to remember.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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