Sunday, December 2, 2007

What To Expect From A Twelve Year Old

Last month I entered a blog contest sponsored by Kim at Life in a Shoe and I won $150 worth of CDs from Vision Forum! Somehow in the midst of being very nauseous with her 9th pregnancy, Kim was able to send me the CDs. This morning, on our way to church and back, our family listened to the first CD in the set of CDs called The Family Rebuilders Library (8 CDs total).

The name of this CD is "What To Expect From A Twelve Year Old." Talk about giving your child a vision!! My twins will be twelve in May. Allen has told me twice today how much he enjoyed this CD. The speaker is Dr. S.M.Davis. Dr. Davis draws from the Bible and from history for his many examples. I am really excited about listening to the rest of the library.

We didn't get to finish this CD, but when we do (this week, hopefully), you are welcome to borrow it. Every child, 10 years and older, should listen to it. But truthfully, you should get this CD for yourself to listen to several times. Sometimes in the course of our busy lives, we lose our vision for our children. This would be a great CD to watch with your youths once a year to regain that vision.

On another note, my bread that I tried to rise slowly overnight in the fridge, flopped...although I did notice it got eaten. Tonight I set up another batch and tomorrow I will add fresh garlic cloves before baking. Can hardly wait!

Tonight's sermon was very interesting. Pastor taught us that Jesus' claim to kingship was legally through his earthly father, but by blood through his mother.

I hope you had a restful weekend and a worshipful Sunday.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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