Friday, December 21, 2007

Trip to Apple Basket

One of my favorite places to visit is the Apple Basket in Mechanicsville. It always has unique ideas for gifts at very reasonable prices. In our family, getting an Apple Basket gift certificate is the best gift ever!
The large entrance room changes monthly, and it is always exciting to see what is featured. This week there was a beautiful, large, solid oak table surrounded by 6 pressed-back, oak chairs. In the center was the above candle chandelier. My picture doesn't do it justice. And with the homemade potpouri smelling up the whole place, it was Christmas-spirit-in-an-instant! Every year I look for handmade, pottery plates or bowls to give away with our homemade cookies/candy. Aren't they beautiful? We found a whole stack of these. Upstairs, the rooms are all themed: baby, seasonal, waterfront, silver, white glass, green glass, etc. Downstairs there is an entire room devoted to candles and tart warmers. There are also antique jewelry and old-fashion candies.
I almost didn't include this picture because it looks gaudy, but this place is anything but. I didn't see that musical note hanging to the left of the doorway until I saw this picture...oh my, must go back and see it! My mother always shops here for wedding gifts, and people have commented to me that she gave them the best and most unique gift. So go see for yourself!

Last night, Sarah invited the college and career group from church to come for a Bible study and fellowship. Only four guys were able to come. Here they are playing ping pong. One thing I learned is never leave your camera unattended. I guess they had to unwind from college (3 from Liberty, 1 from Patrick Henry).
I hope they got it out of their system...whatever it was!

Take a minute and visit Rob's blog at and take his Christmas Carol quiz.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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