Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Once a year I make a trip to the nearest laundromat (in Charlotte Hall) to wash my son's king-size comforter. I have to use the triple-size machine that takes 14 quarters. I love visiting different cultures...and this place is definitely a different culture!
There was only one couple and another woman. I spent my time talking to the couple, an elderly black couple who are retired farmers. They go to Ebenezer Methodist church, one of the oldest churches in our county. I had to stifle a laugh when they told me the name of their church in their southern Maryland drawl. Ebineeeeeeezah. I tried to give them a tract but they cannot read. However, after talking to them about the Lord, I think they are true believers.
Can you tell this is amish territory?
I always enjoy reading signs. Anyhow, it was a fun trip. I enjoyed being directed by the elderly folks. "Chile, put you's blankie in that thar misheen."
We are busy in our basement this week. Ruthie had to give up some of her play area.
We moved all the game tables up against the wall, and we're slowing moving my entire quilting/sewing/ironing stuff into the basement. I am giving up my beloved quilting room to Mike so that I can move into his office area...which is much larger. First we have to paint his area and add some electrical outlets, so everything will stay crammed here for awhile.
Fortunately, all my fabric is on wheels. Now I have to lug in the bins and all the miscellaneous piles of projects. Now that we're almost done, it's getting exciting. Anna will be thrilled. I left the cutting table so she can still cut out fabrics.

Mike had to go to Florida for a couple days of meetings, so he took Anna and Lizzie along for the fun. The hotel has a pool, so the girls are planning on a lot of swim time. Then they will visit Grandma and Grandpa L. for a few days. I miss them!Henrietta the rooster (I know...but we named her before we found out she was a he) is my favorite pet right now. She gets herself to safety every night by flying over the 4 ft fence, and lets herself out in the morning. She scrounges for her own food...and eats whatever kitchen scraps I give her. What could be better?! She loves to be near people and runs to be with us whenever she hears us. But she also loves to be on our porch, so I had to make this mesh gate.

Right after I took the picture of Henrietta, I felt something pull my camera down, and that made me snap another picture. It was Ranger playing with the handle of my camera. That'll teach me not to take pictures in my slip!
All the pets are sporting heavy coats now. The goats almost look like miniature bison with their uneven fur.
I saw this picture on our freecycle.org website. Isn't it cute? It comes from jokaroo.com. I took a peek, but I tend to avoid websites like that because most of it is not usually clean. I didn't see anything bad...but I only glanced.

I won't get much basement work today because we have three appts and Tang Soo Do. This past weekend we had some wind, so our trees are almost bare. The girls will be surprised when they get home.

I'm working on a post to update you about our new sewing machines and fantastic deals. Take care and enjoy the beautiful weather. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Looks like you have been very busy this fall. Hope to see another post soon.