Monday, November 23, 2009

Anna decided to start her own blog, so I thought now would be a good time to introduce it. It's called View From My Valley at Take a peek and look at her pics from her recent trips. I will try not to duplicate all of Anna's pictures, but here are my favorites. This picture shows a log home in St. Augustine, FL.
Yes, the four rooms were carved out of the tree!
Anna will be posting lots of pics from this house. Looks cozy!
And this hen lives under the log house.
Mike, Lizzie, and Anna also visited Castillo De San Marcos. Allen would enjoy this place. Anna has all sorts of fascinating facts about this castle.
The town of St. Augustine reminds me of San Antonio with its rich history.
This log fort used to surround the entire town.
Then back to the hotel where they enjoyed the jacuzzi.
This is a fun picture from Sarah. She snapped it while driving through the Town Creek neighborhood. I'm glad modesty prevailed!
Now for my update on Maggie. Most of you know that 4-1/2 years ago, Maggie strained her arms/hands from practicing the piano too much. For 4+ years we have been taking her to neurologists, physical therapy, chiropractors, occupational therapy, Johns Hopkins, pain management, ortheopedics, etc., in an effort to have her diagnosed and healed.

Maggie's current therapist has recently mapped Maggie's brain, called neuro biofeedback. The results of the mapping confirmed what the therapist suspected: There is nothing wrong with Maggie's hands and is her brain that has rewired itself incorrectly. It is sort of like the phantom pain that patients feel when they lose a limb. (The above picture shows what it looks like to be mapped. Maggie had EKG lubricant all through her hair when she was finished. We came straight home so she could wash it off!)

The good thing is that her therapist is confident that Maggie's brain can be re-trained with 40-60 sessions of biofeedback. PTL!! The only bad news is that this is an expensive treatment. So right now we are trying to get Tricare to finance these treatments so that we only have a co-pay payment. Maggie still goes for accupuncture treatments, and to the chiropractor.

So we are feeling hopeful as we enter this Thanksgiving season. We just had a rough week because Maggie's meds didn't get refilled because of a mixup, but the old Maggie is now back and funnier than ever.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Anonymous said...

I'll be prayying for Maggie that she will be able to get the treatments she needs to get her back to normal.
Hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving.