Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When I was in Texas last year, I read about a popular drink there called Aguas Frescas that is made from hibiscus leaves. I wondered if it was tasty but never tried it. So when our local amish bent and dent store had boxes of it for $1/box, I bought two. Yummy! It is wonderful!

When I got home, my Dad gave me a Texas magazine that had a feature article on Aguas Frescas. There are many flavors...but the most common flavor is called Jamaica (pronounced huh-my-kuh). I googled to find a recipe of which there were many...including a watermelon flavor I'd like to try next summer.

Evidently I am not the only Jamaica lover because when I returned to the store a few days later...they were all gone!!

This time of year is hard for me to blog because I keep wanting to share with you my great deals for Chistmas gifts...but my children read my blog. Since Ruthie rarely reads it, I'll share with you this gift I got for her. This is called the "Root Vue Farm" because you can see the roots growing. Since Ruthie always enjoys gardening, I think she will love this. I only wish the company would spell it correctly...view instead of vue.

This is an expensive gift that normally sells for $29-36 online, but I bought a used one from amazon for $19. Not bad!

Maggie and I love this gift that is popular this year. This is a Mason Bee House. Mason bees are wonderful friends...great for pollinating. They just don't produce honey. This sells for $15. I am going to ask my uncle for some bamboo stalks and try to make our own.
Since I like funny signs, this is my latest. Looks like directions for cooking on the grill, doesn't it? Well, I took this picture in the ladies restroom...so now you can guess. This sign shows how to properly place your baby on the diaper changing table. I always wondered how!!

Sarah took my children Christmas shopping today, so Maggie and I are enjoying the quiet. This is our second day of drizzle, so there is mud at the bottom of the porch stairs. Yucko.

The commissary shoppers were friendly this morning, so I enjoyed getting my shopping done. What a difference it makes to be surrounded by folks with a happy attitude.

Keep dry, safe, and warm. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Heather MacQ said...

wonderful praises for the breakthrough on Maggie's hand therapy! I will pray that the biofeedback will work and that insurance will pay for it. on another note, we are headed to st. augustine this Christmas vacation(camping) and I am so excited to see that your girls are finding some great places. I'd love to hear what's good to do down there for the family. The fort looks really neat.