Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wow, what a whirlwind summer this is! I just can't seem to slow down. But today Maggie's appt got canceled, so my goals are to do this post and to write my friend Betty. I will start by catching you up to date.

Last Thursday night, Sarah (my 22 year old daughter) had a sudden inspiration to take a trip to Washington DC (only 70 miles north). But Maggie had a dr appt on Friday. So Sarah took my youngest four children up to the metro station which they rode into DC. Mike took Maggie to Waldorf to her appt for a painful test (which is why she wouldn't let me take her). I picked Maggie up after her test and brought her home, while Mike drove up to the metro to meet the gang in DC. Are you totally confused now?
I will show you a few highlights of their trip. Sarah does a better job on her blog here. Allen enjoyed the insect zoo and thought it ironic that Orkin sponsored it.
Sarah and Ruthie went to the Art Gallery while the rest of the gang went to the Museum of Natural History (one of my favorites).

Ruthie enjoyed this tiger.
Afterwards they all walked to Sarah's favorite eatery, Chopt. This is a salad place. You can choose a certain salad or choose your own ingredients. Then the chef comes and chops everything to uniform size. Lizzie and Allen got the Cobb Salad (w/o cheese, of course) but the rest chose their own ingredients. I can't wait to try it. Everyone said it was the best salad.
Look at this vegetable platter I found online. See the longhorn steer? I love it!
One of my best buys recently has been a vacuum cleaner. I bought this Eureka (The Boss) at True Value for $67. (Walmart sells this model for $69...but I've never seen it in stock.) The best things about it? It has 12 amps instead of the usual 11. It has an extra long wand (or whatever it's called) so vacuuming the ceiling for cobwebs is a breeze. The 12 amps are powerful...what a big difference from the 11 amp vacs. The downside? I like automatic cord winders, but this model doesn't have one. I also have a home where 4 of the rooms are 32 feet long...and this only has a 20 foot cord...but I realize that won't bother most folks. But am I pleased overall? You betcha!! I bought for each level of my home.

Allen just reported that a fox got 2 of his chickens. Too bad. The chickens are scheduled to be butchered Friday.

My Dad is at the hospital this morning getting his shock treatment for his heart arythmia. Mom just called to let us know that he is took only one shock to correct his arythmia. PTL Dad was supposed to have this treatment two weeks ago, but his dr forgot to schedule Mom and Dad went to Texas for a week, but gave up by Wednesday and drove home. They said it was too hot and they had become prisoners in their home. So I guess what they say about the heat in Texas is true!

Well, the bread has just come out of the machine, so if I hurry I can grab a slice. Smells so good! Hope you are enjoying your last few days of summer. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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SunshinyLiving said...

We love that tiger at the Natural History museum. All the kids feel that they must get their pictures in front of it each time we go!