Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Photos of Beach House, Pax River, MD

I always say you can find anything on the internet, it's just a matter of searching with the right words. Well, when I tried to find photos of the beach house, I came up empty. So I am doing my part and listing photos and info. This is the pavillion. There were a total of 32 tables here and in the beach house.
The baseball field is closeby but the children's playgrounds are across the street. If you rent the pavillion ($150 in summer), you get the sports equipment free (for every sport imaginable...horseshoes, baseball, badminton, volleyball, kickball, etc.). You can pick up the sports equipment at 5 am on the day of rental. Plenty of dumpster that gets emptied every weekday.
Lots of trashcans everywhere. You supply the bags...but I was told we could use any of the supplies in the back room (where there were lots of supplies).
There is plenty of space between the pavillion and the hot grills. You may drive your car around back for easy loading/unloading. The beach access (the one photo I forgot to take) is to the left of the grill. Nice steps to the beach. The beach house is wonderful...but NOT air conditioned. (Does have heaters for winter use...and a fireplace that looks questionable.) Plenty of windows that open where there is usually a breeze coming off the water.Two large serving windows if you prefer to keep the food in the kitchen and serve through the window. We had a lot of food (160 people) and used 3 tables end to end to serve the food. We used the two serving windows for drinks (one for tea/lemonade, the other for coffee). We kept the bottled water and sodas in large coolers, but I would've preferred keeping them in the refrigerated display case.
The ice machine was a lifesaver. I am sure we used 100# on our hot July picnic.
The bathrooms were nice, clean, and stocked with lots of soap, paper towels (no hot air dryers!) and liquid soap. The room does get warm and stuff with no air circulation.
This is half of the refrigeration units. Lots of space.
When you first get to the beach house, plug in the refrigerator in the main room. This is a nice display for bottled water and sodas and cuts down on a lot of traffic since it is located at the opposite end of the room.
The sink is the one disappointment. All three drains connect into one drain, so you have to be careful about clogging up the system. And the draining is slow.
I took this picture to show the location of the electric outlet to the window. The cords to my coffeemakers were barely long enough. But my large 18 quart roaster/slow cooker would've reached. Lots of nice countertop space. But NO utensils or anything. You have to bring your own of everything.There is a tall shelf with 5 shelves in the kitchen area. We packed this with paper goods, rolls, etc. I took a lousy picture but was trying to show that you the electrical outlet near the shelving area. Seemed important at the time.
Nice commercial oven and a huge steamer (not shown). Oven cooked crabcakes in record time. Gotta love those BTUs!
There is a handsink in the main kitchen area that is handy.

Hopefully this gives you a good picture of what to expect. The Monday before our Saturday picnic, we borrowed the keys from MWR and took a look; however, we were told that we were lucky since the beach house was rented for all the other days that week. In fact, there were only 8 days of the entire summer that it wasn't rented.

Cleanup was a breeeze thanks to the large brooms.

So what did we remember to bring that was a big help? Flyswatters, extra fans, lots of hand towels, lots of serving utensils, and cutting boards.

And what did we forget that was a pain? Power strip, can opener, trivets (although we thought our large towels worked better). I might add a larger ice bucket. I must have refilled the ice bucket 30+ times...but I'm not complaining since I was SO glad to have that ice machine!

Would we do it again? No...only because we need the air conditioning. But that is the ONLY reason. Had it been a cooler or breezier day, I wouldn't have minded. The humidity was just unbearable. (Our July picnic was 90 degrees with 100% humidity...typical southern Maryland in July!)

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for doing this. I couldn't find anything on this and even if I did it wouldn't have been as helpful as your's. And you're a Christian! How very Kool... So is the young bride that is renting this.

Barbara said...

I am considering this space as a possible location for my wedding ceremony and reception. Do you feel that it was a nice enough area for a relaxed, semi-casual wedding? Also was the $150 for both the beach house and pavilion? If you would email that would be fantastic! Brwweds@gmail.com