Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lizzie took this beautiful picture recently. It's nice to see Lizzie hasn't inherited my knack for out-of-focus pictures. At first I thought it was a professional picture...then I saw the date. Only my camera has the year 2025! It's just that every time I change the batteries (every few days) I have to reset the I tend to skip that. This week I decided to try a new fruit...a casaba melon. A casaba is a type of muskmelon that is closely related to the honeydew melon. They are originally from Kasaba, Turkey, hence the name, but now are grown in CA and AZ. We loved the taste. The inside looks just like a honeydew. This was an expensive casaba. I saw that the sign said $1.25. What I didn't see was that the sign said $1.25/lb!! I didn't see my mistake until I got out my receipt and saw that I bought an $8.21 casaba! I called the store and the produce man confirmed that I was charged correctly. Oh well, lesson learned.
Somewhere I found an idea to do wet paper embossing and showed it to Ruthie and Anna. So when I came home, I was delighted to find these finished projects! Talk about a cheap art project...just wet tissue paper and rubber stamps. I can't find the original article that gave me the idea, but I did find a very nice photo step-by-step here. To read the directions, go here.

Everyone is busy with projects here. It is disheartening to hear so much talk of school supplies and back-to-school sales. Let me enjoy summer!

Make the most of these last carefree days. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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