Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yesterday was our annual Tea at my friend Sonya's home. Sonya sets up three tables throughout her home, and assigns a table to each of her three daughters to hostess. This year was our third year. We always look forward to this event. Maggie and Anna always enjoy fellowshipping with other girls their ages. Maggie was in a lot of pain but was determined to enjoy the day. It takes us an hour to get to Sonya's home. We had to endure the yukky smell of Maggie's medicated lotion the whole time we were in the car. Worse than skunk! And it gives her so little relief.
Ruthie was so thrilled to find a fancy red dress at the thrift shop, but it was itchy, so at the last minute she ran upstairs and found a red t-shirt to wear under it. I forgot to take a picture of the whole dress. Hopefully she will wear it tomorrow and I can snap a picture.
Ruthie is my prissy daughter, so she just loves these events.
This is the last table, Lizzie's table. We moms hung around the kitchen having a great time talking and giggling. What a wonderful group of gals.
Each mom contributed to the tea. Some decorated the tables and provided the china. Some of us brought food. Ruthie and I made three fruit plates like this one. We had veggies, dips, chicken salad heart sandwiches, homemade chocolate bon bons, and many flavors of hot tea.

One of the blessings for our family is that this is one event that Sonya makes dairyfree and glutenfree. Sonya's friend, Ginger, and her three daughters, are gluten and dairy intolerant. Of course, we are dairy intolerant. I cannot tell you the enjoyment of being able to eat a meal away from home without having to worry about allergies! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sonya.

Tonight, Ruthie and I are home alone. Maggie and Sarah are visiting Liberty University in Virginia to watch their friend, Becka, in a play. Mike and Allen are enjoying the Sportsmen's Banquet at church, and Anna and Lizzie went along to help serve. It's so wonderfully quiet!

For dinner, Ruthie made pasta for the two of us. She doesn't like to wait around for the water to boil before adding the pasta, so she puts the water and pasta on to boil together. It works! After 7 minutes, Ruthie drains the pasta, adds salt and pepper, and a slice of veggie cheese. By the time we sat down with our glasses of water, the cheese had melted. Yummy! I would have prefered a bunch of steamed broccoli in it, but the theme for tonight was "little mess, little cleanup." Hurray!
Today I found this cute little handmade basket on a blog called Pink Penguin. The directions are given in step by step increments with wonderful pictures. Be sure to take a look!

For more fun projects, scroll down to the bottom of the post and look at some of the links to her post. Then get out your scraps and have fun sewing.

Our temperature outside reached 60 degrees today so I pegged five loads of laundry on the porch. Tomorrow should be warmer. I enjoyed soaking up the vitamin D from the sun.

Have a worshipful Sunday. Ask God to speak to you through His Word and through the sermon tomorrow. Then do you part and speak back to Him through prayer. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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