Friday, February 20, 2009

This past Wednesday was our day to cook for Grandad's church, so several times I handed my camera to my children and said, "Take pictures for my blog." Wouldn't you know it...I have 24 pictures now...all of darling Abby! Isn't she cute as a button?!

We didn't have many folks for dinner because of the rainy and cold weather. Our menu was chicken...chicken noodle soup (a real hit), chicken salad sandwiches, baked chicken, green beans and potatoes, grilled cheese sandwiches, hotdogs and fries, spiral sliced ham, salad, fresh fruit and pies for dessert. Yummy!
Maggie's Occupational Therapy appts take about 1-1/2 hours, three times a week, so I have lots of time to sit and read, knit, or go to the nearby Dollar Store (in San Souci Plaza, for you local folks). Today I bought this pack of cleaning wipes for leather furniture. It works wonderfully! My only hesitation is that there are no ingredients listed on the package...just a warning to wash hands well after using...and made in China. Yikes. Next time I will wear plastic gloves and only wipe the back of my sofas where it gets dusty...and no one touches.My other purchase was a tube of Breck's Lavender Bedtime Baby Cream. I have always had normal/dry skin and hair, but now that I am middle-aged, I have dry skin and hair. No fun! For the past 2 years I have been diligently trying every lotion available. My problem area is my feet. Even though I never go barefoot anymore, I still have dry skin on my feet.

But this Baby Cream lotion has kept my feet soft and smooth for a week now. I love it! My only concern is that even though the #1 ingredient is water, the #2 ingredient is mineral oil...a petroleum product. Yuk! I've tried staying away from any petroleum products, so this is disappointing. But am I willing to give up my nice soft feet? What a dilemna!
Some other products I have tried and liked are the udderly smooth lotions. These are water based, but I have to reapply these lotions regularly.
I have also tried and liked many of the Burt's Bees products. They are sticky after applying, but it does work...for a time. I especially like their lip gloss.

I also need to mention that there is some concern about the Lavender Oil in the Breck's lotion may be a source of estrogen. The homework for all this stuff never ends! (Added later: I learned that this lotion does not use Oil of Lavender that has estrogen, but merely a lavender fragrance. All clear!)

We are off to take Maggie to her physical therapy appt on base. Since the bowling alley is in the same building (the drill hall), it is only right and fitting that the rest of us go bowling! Then we are off to occupational therapy. Today Maggie will be getting an ultrasound as part of her therapy. Something new everyday!

We will take my camera and try to come up with a more interesting post than dry feet:-)

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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