Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is this a happy child or what?! While Maggie was at Physical Therapy doing her painful exercises (across the hall), we had fun seeing how out-of-shape we are when it comes to bowling.
We had two teams...the blonds (Ruthie and Lizzie) and the brunettes (Anna and Allen). The blonds won by a long shot.
Part of the fun of bowling, is watching the cartoons on the screen.
It was over too quickly. The only sad thing is that the price has doubled. The discount time is from 10 am (opening) until 1 pm. Shoes cost $2 and games cost $1.75. That's a lot...especially for being a military operation. It makes me wonder what the cost is in town.
When we left, the worker gave each child a printout of their individual scores. I think these are wonderful! Each child can see which pins are his weakest, how many strikes and spares he got, and what his average is. Very nice!
I had some canned peaches leftover from church, so I chopped them up and added them to our oatmeal. Delicious! I even added the lite syrup, so no one needed to add any additional sweetener. Definitely a hit in this family.
After bowling, we dropped Maggie off at her Occupational Therapy appt, then went to Joann's Fabrics to use our 50% off coupons. Since everything was already 30% off, we could only use our coupons on the patriotic fabrics. Very disappointing. I wanted to show you this Debbie Mumms fabric called Family Reunion. Beautiful colors. It sells for $6.99/yard. Unfortunately, as is becoming more and more common, there were white bleach spots throughout the whole bolt. Price goes up but quality goes down. It's just not the cowboy way!
Since Maggie's appt lasted 1-3/4 hours, we had plenty of time to window shop. We went to Marshalls and had fun browsing through the housewares dept. I found this bread bin that got my curiousity.
Here's a better picture. This is called a Typhoon Capsule Bread Bin. I couldn't tell if this is for bread dough to rise in, or to store baked bread. Now that I've had a chance to look it up online, I know that this is a bread storage bin.
While learning about bread bins, I found some others to show you. I like this Spode bin best.
How about this modern bin?
This bin appeals to me because it looks big. I usually have a loaf of bread, some rolls, and miscellaneous bread leftover, so I'd want a large bin.
One last bread bin, this is a retro red bin.
This set has bins for cakes, pasta, utensils, crackers, etc. Not my style, but pretty to look at.

Today we have been busy. Mainly cleaning, but also doing little fix-it jobs. This week the weather will be cold, but no snow. I am trying to be thankful for that since I hate to be driving around in snow. But I sure could use a whopper snowstorm that shuts the town down.

I made a huge pot of chicken noodle soup this morning, and we've been eating it all day long. It's my best chicken noodle soup ever. Warm soup, warm heart, and now....warmest blessings ~ Kathie

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