Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well, another week has passed with no posts. It certainly wasn't because I was lazy! Maggie had 7 drs. appts. Whew! This picture shows Maggie inside Johns Hopkins hospital, standing next to a wonderful display of early radiation techniques. (The Radiation Department is on the way to the Pain Management Department.) I thought it was fascinating.

Maggie had a spinal block done, this time on her left side. So now both sides have been tested with negative results. The doctor wasn't disappointed, however, since this closes the door for certain diagnoses. It's like playing detective, trying to find the cause of my daughter's pain.
The bad part about these trips to JH, in addition to Maggie's getting an iv and the risks of getting spinal blocks, is that they take up a whole day! The good part is that we stopped at Maggie's favorite Japanese restaurant in Waldorf called Kodori Japanese and Korean Restaurant. This was my first time, but I'm hooked!
This picture should be first since these were the little appetizers. The first picture shows the main meal. This is the tempura shrimp dish which costs about $8. I think that is a steal. I know that 9 veggie sushi costs $6 in the grocery stores down here. But the restaurant dish had more than that, plus all the extras. Did I mention the fresh taste?!
Maggie also had three physical therapy appts and 3 occupational therapy appts. Unfortunately the appts were two hours apart, so not close enough to make it worth coming home. To pass the time, we did a lot of driving around, looking at the scenery. This picture was taken on base overlooking the Patuxent River to Calvert Cliffs. It was windy most of the week, as you can see by the whitecaps.
While we were still on base, we stopped and watched a fascinating show of power between four vultures and this falcon (?). Does anyone know if this is a falcon? Whatever he was, he certainly wasn't willing to give up his meal to the vultures. He finally got angry and walked over and flapped his wings at the vultures at which time they flew away.
On the way home we picked up my 13 year old neighbor and drove her home. Taylor makes the 1-1/2 mile walk everyday, to and from school. Taylor's family sells horses, so I stopped and took a picture of this friendly horse. I always enjoy seeing the horses riding past our home.
On Friday evening, Maggie, Lizzie, and I went to a Pampered Chef's party at my friend, Heather's, home. It was a fun, relaxing time. Heather's home was lovely and perfectly suited to a kitchen-type party.
It was so good to watch Maggie enjoy herself at the party. She was in so much pain but figured it was better to be in pain and enjoying the party then sitting at home feeling lonely in pain. I agree! Maggie loved these flowers that were the centerpiece. Now I know what to get for Maggie's upcoming birthday! (Heather got these at McKay's.)
Maggie and Lizzie enjoyed this pear cake. It has no dairy but does have eggs. Both girls said it was very tasty. If you'd like the recipe, let me know and I will get it for you. (It is in the current Pampered Chef cookbook.)
The feature dish of the evening was this cheeseburger ring. I forgot to take a picture of it fresh from the oven ~ it makes a wonderful presentation. I didn't know the hot stoneware can go straight from oven to tray. Pampered Chef has several styles of these beautiful trays.
Last but not least, was Valentine's Day on Saturday. Mike gave me these lovely red roses. Mike and Allen both made dinner for the girls, complete with china and crystal. It was wonderful!
The menu was delicious...homemade sourdough rolls, shrimp, crab and chicken stirfry with asparagus, cranberry fruit mold, and rice. For dessert we had cookies and italian ice.
Here we are. I learned to take candlelight pictures using the "night" setting.
So we've been busy, but also enjoying each other. Maggie and I are leaving in a few minutes to spend the afternoon at Walter Reed Army Hospital for her accupuncture appointment. I sure miss my babies while I'm gone.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our friend, Mrs. Elaine, who underwent surgery this morning for colon cancer. Our prayer is that the cancer hasn't spread to the lymph nodes.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Heather MacQ said...

great pictures...glad you guys had fun at the party and i am so glad you all came, especially maggie!