Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This past Friday evening, Mike and I were invited to a riverside concert down at St. Mary's College. We went with my neighbor, Rick, and his friend, Sharon. It was wonderful. SMC is about 30 minutes from us, and is located on the beautiful St. Mary's River. We had a hard time taking good pictures.

One of the soloists was Brian Ganz, a famous pianist. Mom took lessons from Brian back in the 80s, so his name is a household name around here.

It's a shame that St. Mary's College ranks highly as a party college (according to US News and World Report) because it is definitely a scenic college. Maryland began here at St. Mary's City.
Maggie had the children plant some kohlrabi for her this summer. This week we pulled up the first three plants. We're not sure if we like it yet:-) I think it would taste best if we shredded it and added it to cole slaw. We haven't looked up any recipes for it yet.
We are only 2 weeks into zucchini season, and I am fighting madly to keep up with it all! I got a good laugh yesterday when I saw a huge zucchini lying in the middle of the highway unharmed. Nope, wasn't me who threw it there!
Well, Maggie finally got her wish this week. Ollie was growling at something...a copperhead. So Mike skinned it for her. It's drying out, waiting to be tanned. The above picture shows the meat part before Mike cut it up.
Mike cooked up the insides. No one will ever get fat eating copperhead steaks, that's for sure!I would've deep fried them.

Here they are all fried up.
Hopefully you can get a picture of how little meat there was. That's why you only hear about frying up rattlers! The fried rattlesnake that we saw in Texas was equal to pieces of fried chicken. My children said it also tastes like fried chicken. So that was our great adventure this weekend!

Maggie's right arm has taken a turn for the worse, so she's under dr's orders to keep it in a sling until she see's the specialist. Very hard for a kinesthetic person!

Summer is going at a nice pace this year. Usually it flies for me, but this year the Lord is blessing us. The strange part is that I can't figure out what makes this summer slower.

Enjoy your summer. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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taralynn819 said...

You've got to be kidding! You have some rough and tough children! Well, at least well-rounded! I have never even SEEN a copperhead! I'm such a classic city slicker, and your family's lifestyle is so intriguing! There's always something going on!