Thursday, July 10, 2008

Good morning everyone. Life here is busy, as usual. I feel like all I do is run. Voice lessons, violin lessons, piano lessons, chiropractor appts, allergy shots, shopping, etc. It never ends!

Looky what my children found next to our road ~ a hornet's nest! It is busy hub with plenty of hornets coming and going.

Anna has been busy in the sewing room this summer. This is the latest outfit she has made for her doll. She is putting together a post to show you all her doll outfits. Anna has also been busy cutting out quilt kits to sell. She keeps our sewing room nicely organized.
We have been enjoying homemade sourdough and fresh garden veggies. We buy blueberries in 20# boxes and they are so yummy!
Look at the size of our blackberries! These are the thornless blackberries. Wonderfully sweet. The raspberries are the heritage raspberry bushes from Starkbros. If you want a raspberry patch, buy 3 plants, and next year you will have 30 plants. Just transplant all the voluntaries each year and you will run out of space eventually.

Hope you are enjoying your summer. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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