Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Anna and Maggie went with my Dad to run errands today. I asked Anna to take plenty of pictures. She always does. Here's Maggie and Dad while waiting for Mom to show up for lunch in Leonardtown. Ever since the Texas trip, Dad has preferred Mexican restaurants.
Anna took a picture of the new Lexington Park Firehouse. Isn't it beautiful? What an improvement over their last firehouse.
They went to Dameron so Dad could drop off some papers for his tenant. His house is located on a peninsula, so it is both waterfront and waterback. I always enjoy looking out the windows of the master bedroom because the views are magnificent. This is St. Jerome's Creek, home to many oyster growers.
This looks like a picture of the front, if my memory is correct.
Anna took a dozen pictures of this kitty. She loves kittens!
This garage door caught Anna's eye.
This is south of the base. I never tire of seeing miles of farmland. The girls had a fun time, as they always do with Grandad. They especially enjoyed his new Suburban that has every upgrade imaginable.
Tonight we had squash three ways. I experimented with patty pan squash and came up with a winner. It was sliced patty pan, onion rings, splashes of worcestershire sauce, then strips of bacon. Bake until done. Next time I will use 1" bits of bacon instead of the big strips.
We also had these delicious cucumbers.
Squash dish #2 was diced patty pan, diced onions, olive oil and fresh garlic, all sauteed in a large pan. Delicious!
Squash dish #3 was panfried patty pan and yellow neck squash. They disappeared quickly!
Our last dish was Smash Potatoes. I made these back in the 80s and they were a hit. This is the first time I used white new potatoes (from the amish stand) and they didn't smash very well. But they were delicious. I was reminded of this recipe when it was posted by http://www.thepioneerwomancooks.com/. I enjoy reading this blog, but she does have some crude expressions, so be careful. Her recipes have the best step by step pictures. Pioneer woman isn't a believer, as reflected in her posts about how she met her hubby. But wonderful pictures of her life on their ranch.
Sarah went by the amish market last week and brought home two adult-size muscovy ducks. We have been enjoying them ever since. The two muscovys enjoy flying up to our roof. I hope they don't make a mess of our roof. I guess I was thinking they would roost in our trees...!
I think they look funny up there.
Just had to show you one more picture...this is a banana pudding that Maggie made yesterday. It was sooo yummy. Not sickening sweet.

I haven't been out to pick blackberries for 5 days, so tomorrow I will try to pick them all before the day gets hot. We found some squash bugs on some of our plants, so I guess our squash days are numbered. I already have about 50# of squash in my kitchen, so we should be just about sick of it by the time the plants die.

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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