Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good morning everyone. Hope you are enjoying your summer. This is my summer of taking terrible pictures! We have been busy doing picnics and wonderful things, but I seem to excel in pictures that are blurry and off kilter. You would think practice makes perfect...actually it does. I take perfectly terrible pictures!
These pictures are from our local Youth Sportsmen's Day that is sponsored by DNR. This is the second year my children have gone with their Daddy. They love it.
Everyone got to shoot a bow and a gun, help make a birdhouse, and fish. They also learned lots about safety issues.
This was Allen's favorite part of the day...about trapping. He bought two inexpensive traps at our local amish bent and dent store. Now he is studying Maryland law to see when he can set the traps. That should be interesting.
I am always amazed at the free gifts that come home. Lizzie was given an expensive bow and arrow set, as well as a sleeping bag, and Allen won an insulated bag. Each child was given a drink dispenser and a t-shirt.
I guess all our shooting practice in our backyard has paid off. My children said the leaders were impressed with their targets. Everyone came home tired but happy, and looking forward to next year's event. Mike said it was truly the most organized event he's ever been to.
Last week we went to a picnic at Ernie and Violet's home near our church. It was a wonderful time. I tried to get a picture of the picnic area. Fifty years ago, Ernie planted a bunch of Dogwood trees in his front yard. What a beautiful canopy they make now. There was a slight breeze, so the weather was perfect. John helped with cooking, my girls and I sang a few songs, and Pastor brought a challenge.
Ernie is a butcher by trade, so you can imagine how tasty the ribs and steaks were! Afterwards we crowded into Violet's home to see her collection of over 3000 dolls. She has them displayed beautifully. It was fun to hear the oohs and ahhs (how do you spell that?!) of the ladies as they admired the dolls, or saw one that brought back memories. I enjoyed the native american dolls most.
Last night I went to kiss Ruthie goodnight, but her bed was empty. I found her snuggled with Maggie. I had to grab my camera when I saw her...there was Maggie with her right arm in her arm brace, and there was Ruthie with the other brace on her left arm! She's always wanting to be just like Maggie.

Maggie told me that in the middle of the night, Ruthie sat up and yanked the warm brace off her arm and threw it down on the floor. Oh, how Maggie wanted to do the same!Last night we had Oriental Chicken Salad that I made to resemble one I had eaten at the local Mixing Bowl Restaurant. The only thing missing is the peanuts. Didn't have any. I enjoy trying different hoisin sauces (pronounced high-sin). Last night's sauce was the Iron Chef brand. It was okay, but I wouldn't buy it again. So far my favorite brand is the Oriental brand.

We are preparing to help my parents with their annual Fourth of July picnic tomorrow. Our garden is starting to pay off, and we're enjoying all the fresh produce and raspberries. God has chosen to bless us with perfect weather this year. We haven't even had a hurricane threat yet.

"Call ye on the Lord while he may be found." Be sure to spend time talking with the Lord while you're enjoying your summer walks. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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