Thursday, July 17, 2008

I gave Anna instructions to take plenty of pictures of the children helping Granddaddy yesterday. She sure obeyed ~ I think there are 88 pictures (of which 40+ were of baby Abby).
Granddad picked everyone up at noon-ish and took them to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. The waitresses know them well. Then they headed on down to SAYSF Bible church to start cooking.
I enjoy working in their large kitchen.
Maggie was under strict instructions to keep her arm in the sling. She was only supposed to be going for moral support.
You gotta hand it to least her arm is still in the sling!
"Foolishness is in the heart of a child" ...and in the heart of an energetic 18 year old who is going stir-crazy!
If I'd known darling Abby was gonna be there, I probably would've gone along.
This has always been my Dad's most favorite thing to do. For years he used to rock babies in the church nurseries.
Look at this nice fish Al caught in Dad's pond! Boy was he happy!
Allen donated him to Dad's little fish pond that my brother Simba built.
I made Sourdough Blackberry Cobbler with my gallon of blackberries that I picked yesterday. Does anyone know why my very sweet berries turned sour after being in the refrigerator for several hours? I spent an hour researching on the net, but got no answers. I ended up adding a tablespoon of white sugar to them. That was the perfect amount. (Added later: Last night I picked another gallon of blackberries and purposefully left them on the counter overnight. This morning they are still sweet as can be. So the point is...don't refrigerate those berries!)

For the topping, I used a sourdough recipe that was delicious (using half the sugar). It was perfect with vanilla ice cream.
Dinner ended up being a much bigger meal than I had originally planned. When I was shopping today, I found some different ribs, so I brought home 2 pkgs. They were yummy and not too fatty. I also made potato salad (one with egg mayo and one with eggless mayo).

The zucchini dish of the day was an old favorite ~ stuffed zucchini. I sliced two large zucchini lengthwise, then patted 1# of bulk sausage (Jimmy Dean) on top. Then slices of onion, then slices of tomatoes. For the topping, I whirled 4 hotdog rolls in my food processor to make crumbs. I added a tbsp of butter to the crumbs. Then cover with foil and cook for 1/2 hour. The recipe calls for freshly grated parmesan. The onions, tomatoes and hotdog rolls were leftovers from SAYSF, so it was really easy to decide on this dish!

It's been a while since rain, so today I did some watering. Today is also a happy day for me because my 72 chigger bites are finally healed. I made the mistake of picking up some dead tree limbs last Thursday and woke up Friday with terrible itchies! I used chiggerex to control that and it worked nicely.

Sarah has been visiting her girlfriend in Alabama all week, so Mike is up at the airport picking her up. It's been fun watching her plane's path on the website.

Have a nice Friday. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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