Monday, June 2, 2008

Uncle Glenn gave Mike and Allen tickets to go to our local baseball stadium for a game. They had a good time. Looks like a nice stadium.
In the midst of our busy schedule, we are cleaning out our basement. So on Saturday I listed a 2-ft high stack of country magazines on When the freecycler came to pick them up, they came in this beautiful old red fire engine. I just had to grab my camera!
These local folks were picking up the magazines so they could send them to our troops overseas. What a great idea! When Peggy wrote me a Thank You note, she sent me a link to their website, What a nice folksy website. I will keep them in mind when I have more magazines. Thanks, Peggy.
On Saturday afternoon, we found two large black snakes up in the rafters of our porch. Yikes! We haven't finished our porch yet, we still have the soffitt to install. I know it's been 8 years that the soffitt has been sitting on the back porch, but there's always been more pressing issues. However, now looks like a good time!
Anna has been having fun with her new camera, so she took this picture of our home using the black/white feature. I'm showing you this so you can see our porch before we put up the soffitt. We must seem like a snake's paradise! We have always enjoyed the baby birds that are nested up in the eaves. But snakes put a totally different angle on things! And to think that we usually peg our clothes on the back porch at night!!

We are leaving in a few hours to go to my Aunt Joan's viewing. I am in a very prayerful mood as I prepare to comfort my family and join with them in saying my last goodbyes.

Enjoy the new week. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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