Monday, June 16, 2008

The girls are sure enjoying their new cousin. She's grown so much lately, as new babies do. We also had a new baby at church recently. It is just wonderful to have babies in our lives!

I have been unable to post this weekend because of internet woes. We installed High Speed Internet, but it was terribly slow and wouldn't let me access my blog account. So we ditched that and now we're back to regular dial up...but at least that is faster than high speed! Our problem is simple...we are too far off the beaten path.
This is a batch of early snow peas that I buy at the health food store (but it's grown locally). We love the taste of these. We tried them on our tacos instead of lettuce, but it felt like eating toothpicks!
So we had toothpick tacos! Can you get an idea from this picture of how uncomfortable it was eating it? Usually I put the pea sprouts on the countertop and my children grab handfuls and munch on them. I guess we'll stick to that method.

Maggie has three piano students coming today, so we're trying to get all our noisy chores out of the way before they arrive. Enjoy your week. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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Susan said...

How are you feeling?

Every time I open the backdoor now I think of you. My three Jasmine bushes are in bloom and they smell wonderful. I think the drought is making the blooms have a shorter life than usual but they still smell good.

Isn't putting human hair on the ground around plants supposed to keep the deer away?