Sunday, June 8, 2008

Friday evening's company was fun. We had a good time of fellowship. But I am officially tired of brisket. Earlier in the day I sent Allen out to wash the porch furniture. I was planning on the seven older children eating outside. But this weekend we are having temps in the 90s with the dewpoints in the 70s, so all 22 of us ate inside.
On Saturday evening we went to Lizzie's violin recital. The performances were wonderful. See the three little cuties in the front row in the smocked dresses? They played so well! By the time it was over they looked tired. We couldn't get them to smile for this picture.
Lizzie played beautifully. We are so thankful that the Lord has given her this talent. We hope all of our children grow up to be church musicians.

I made dairy and egg free chocolate chip cookies for the refreshments. Instead of the three eggs, I used a tablespoon of sourdough starter. I was really surprised that they turned out so well. I tried the same thing with my brownies, but they were a total flop!
Maggie has five hanging pots of lettuce that are doing well. Can hardly wait for them to mature!
Our peach trees are doing really well. This is the first year that the coons have let the peaches mature on the trees. Lizzie likes to cut up six peaches and put the slices in a pot of oatmeal for breakfast. Yummy!

Jake and Flipper are doing well and growing big. They spend all their time outside now. At night when it's time to put them in their cage, they dash past us to hide under the porch. They are really good at dodging us.

We are back to piano lessons today. My children will be taking their swimsuits to swim in Mom's pool afterward. We hope to set up our own pool tonight. This hot weather makes me so thankful I'm not a pioneer of the old west!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

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