Saturday, October 13, 2007

Work Day!

Today was a big workday around here. We made most of our mulch go away today...and this wasn't the only mulch pile we had! We get our mulch free from the county contractors who trim the highways and byways of our county. They even deliver it for free! Today we spread it around the orchard and the raspberries.
Everyone did their part and it sure looks great.
The picture above Ruthie shows our raspberry bushes that still need to be pruned and thinned out. Because of the drought, we let all the voluntaries grow where they came up. Next spring we will hopefully be out of this drought and will transplant the bushes into rows. The bushes were loaded with raspberries and we had fun eating them while working.
Even Ollie had fun eating the berries off the bush!
Having the tractor sure makes the work go much faster!

After mulching, Allen mowed the yard. Sure was dusty from the drought.

Later on after we got washed up, Ruthie tried her hand at writing with a quill and did a great job!
Take a look at this beautiful rose! I don't have much of a green thumb, but I do have a knack for raising the strangest plants during weather extremes. Seven years ago during a heat wave, I grew the best lettuce! (The trick was to grow them in hanging pots and bring them inside during the afternoon heat.) Now, during a drought, I grow this rose! In fact, both my rose bushes look healthy even though they were only watered once this summer.

So that's how our day went. All three children were a big help. Sarah was sleeping after working the 11-7 shift. Anna and Lizzie called from Texas to let me know about their horseback riding. They loved it. Dad said Lizzie is fearless. Sure miss them.

Have a nice weekend. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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