Saturday, October 6, 2007

On Friday, we ran around from store to store trying to find all the last items to finish my children's costumes for Sunday's play. Friday night was dress rehearsal, so we had to find the stuff! It still boggles my brain that even though this is our fourth annual play, we still have to run around at the last minute to put the finishing touches on everything.
Our church is performing Ron Hamilton's play, "Patch the Pirate Goes to the Jungle." Sarah is in charge of costumes, and is singing in a trio. Maggie sings in a duet and a trio, and turns the pages for me while I play piano. Anna plays the part of Samuel (we changed it to Samantha) and sings a solo and two other songs. Lizzie plays the part of Sissy Seagull and sings a solo and another song. Allen plays the part of Baloomba and sings a solo. Ruthie plays the part of Overlite, and sings the opening song as a solo. Mike helped direct the whole thing. So it was a family affair.

I was a freshman at BJU when Ron Hamilton learned of his eye cancer and had his eye removed. The children at his church started calling him "Patch the Pirate" because he wore an eye patch. Thus began a wonderful music ministry called Majesty Music. This is our church's fourth Ron Hamilton play. All glory to God. After dress rehearsal, Charmaine dished out delicious beefaroni. It was perfect for our family because we didn't get anytime to eat dinner. Charmaine has become expert on making dishes dairy-free.

I know I've said it before, but let me say it again. Our family has been very touched by the willingness of our church family to learn about dairy and egg allergy, and to provide dishes that we can eat. I would never have imagined the impact that can have! (I for one always thought people with food allergies were a bit "different.")
I found this picture from Thursday's icing class. Anna made this rose. Isn't it beautiful? Some chocolate icing accidently got on the pastry tip. Probably couldn't duplicate this rose if we tried!

Today has been a busy day here. We went shopping this morning while Maggie baked apple cookies and apple cake for Sunday's fellowship dinner between services and the play. She is also making almonaise which is made from soaked almonds.

Mike mowed our brown field. We have just been upgraded to the severest form of drought. This is the second worst drought on record for the past 100 years. I just hope none of the hunters drops a cigarette in the woods or our neighborhood will be wiped out.

Have a wonderful Sunday. Many blessings ~ Kathie

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