Sunday, April 8, 2012

Anna leaves for Uganda

 I know it's been a month...but I am blogging again.  Blogger has frustrated me so much that the tears would flow just thinking about it.  I can't believe I'm the only person having troubles moving pictures around.  Anyhow, I'm going to start with the present and include some of the past month as I go.
 Today's big news is that we put Anna on the plane to Uganda last night.  She should arrive tomorrow morning.  It all happened quickly...within the last 2 weeks.  Anna learned of a missionary Momma with 6 young children who is expecting her 7th blessing...and she needs a helper!  This is exactly what Anna has been praying for. 
 I was nervous about Anna flying solo, so she paid a little extra to have just one 9-hour stopover in London.  Anna's plane ticket was paid in full by Grace and Peace Presbyterian...thanks to the thoughtfulness of Adina, our good friend.  Adina was burdened for Anna's mission and asked her church to help.  What a blessing!  It was amazing to us the generosity of friends and family who wanted to be a part of Anna's mission.  PTL

I like what Grace and Peace's deacon wrote to Anna:
Thank you for being willing to help the Winklers bear their burdens. Sharing of them is what we are called to do. We are to be known in the world by our love for one another and I am happy to be a part of helping you show that love, not only to fellow believers but also to people in a far off land.
We got in our van to take Anna to the airport...and the Check Engine light came on and we saw some smoke coming from the engine.  So we transfered everything to Maggie's car and made the trip. 

Anna amazed us with her self-confidence.  She knew exactly what needed to be done, and did it.  Many thanks to Camp Bimi for teaching her all she needed to know to start this missionary life.

 I thought this phase of my life would be harder for me, but there's definitely a peace that passeth all understanding when your child is following the Lord.  We love you and miss you, Anna.  I can't wait to hear from you!
 Anna made this little display for me.  I found the picture on facebook.  The grass grew very much so that we had to keep it trimmed!  Ruthie made the three crosses.  We took it to church to put on the table for the breakfast after Easter sunrise service. 
 Then we saw our friend Bonnie D's version!  I love it!  She too had to keep hers trimmed.  I like that Bonnie's had more of a hill.  Anyway, it was fun.
Duck eggs are in season in a big way.  Last year we could barely get a dozen a week.  This year the duck farmer has about 20 dozen a week!  I made this angel food cake using King Arthur's glutenfree baking mix.  It was delicious!
Our church lost a family to BJU.  Tom will be working at BJU Press while pursuing his degree.  This will be exciting for them...but we will miss them.
Sometimes you have to wonder what is going through a child's mind.  Now that the fireplace is shut down for the season, I asked Ruthie to sweep the firewood mess off the porch.  Later when I saw this, she said, "Oh yeah...I got tired and decided to finish it tomorrow."  Fortunately we don't get much company!

Last month we got to see Grandma and Grandpa L from Florida.  They came up to stay for a few days, so we all headed to Glenn's home for dinner...and musical performances.  I can't believe I didn't get many pictures.  Here's Emily. She and Lizzie look like sisters.  
Glenn always tries to get Lizzie to play his electric guitar...but it's completely different from her acoustic guitar. 
And here's Uncle Glenn, Mike's brother.  He lives 10 minutes away.  We had fun catching up on their lives. 

Well, my pictures are starting to jump around again, so I deleted them...and I'll save them for tomorrow's post.  I hope to post almost everyday while Anna's gone.  This will be a nice mission trip in that we will be in contact by email and blogging. 

My friend Joan, from Wyoming, sent me this fun link called Why Wyoming.  I enjoyed reading it.  Thanks, Joan!

I so enjoyed church this Easter morning.  The Easter hymns are some of my dearest.  I've been humming them all day.

He is risen.  He is risen, indeed!

Many blessings ~ Kathie

Up from the grave He arose!
With a mighty triumph o’er His foes!
He arose a Victor from the dark domain,
And He lives forever, with His saints to reign.
He arose! He arose!
Hallelujah! Christ arose!

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